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Homemade Herbal Hair Oil

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We are all today exposed to the fact that only natural herbs provide good hair and skin care, and anything claimed to be “natural” in the market are false. Skin and Hair care recipes are easy and of more interesting to prepare on your own. Here is Homemade Herbal Hair Oil containing medicinal herbs for treating hair. Moreover than as a treatment for hair, whenever you prepare something homemade you will have a happy satisfied mind at the end product.

Homemade Herbal Hair Oil

Homemade Herbal hair oil is a tonic for hair which has all goodness engrossed in it.  The herbal natural ingredients used while preparing has hair beneficial properties like prevents hair fall, strengthens hair roots, softens hair and split ends making them thick and black, anti dandruff, anti fungal preventing lice, delays greying  and other hair problems.


Half Litre sesame oil (Til oil)
2 spoons Fenugreek seeds
2 spoons dry gooseberry chops
Handful of Neem Leaves, Hibiscus leaves and Mehandi Leaves


Clean all the three variety leaves and chop them roughly.

Grind dry gooseberry and fenugreek seeds. Make a rough grinding you need not finely powder them.

In a deep pan fry the leaves and the blended mixture for two minutes so that all moisture content evaporates.  When all the moisture evaporates, add sesame oil to the pan.

Let the oil boil in low flame (10 minutes) till you find bubbles. Switch off the flame, close the lid and keep it aside till the next morning so that all the nutrient value of the added ingredients is left over to the oil.

Homemade Herbal Hair Oil

Filter all the ingredients and pour the oil to a clean bottle at the next morning.

Homemade Herbal Hair Oil

Homemade Herbal Hair oil is ready.

The oil is excellent nourishment for hair and a treatment for hair problems. To make the oil richer choose an iron pan for boiling. The iron pan when heated leaves its iron content making the oil rich in iron.

Benefits of Homemade Herbal hair Oil

Sesame oil:  Massaging your hair scalp with sesame oil nourishes and heals hair acting as an excellent lubricant. The oil is rich in Vitamin E and heavy minerals promoting hair growth and deep conditioning hair roots. The oil is a remedy for dry damaged hair which forms a protective coat revitalizing hair making them shiny and lustrous.  It helps to regain the lost lustre due to chemicals or the hot sun.

Neem Leaves: Neem leaves or the Indian Lilac is an wonder herb which has antibacterial and anti fungal properties which magically treats itchy scalp and any scalp related problems, dandruffs, preventing hair loss and lice which is usually found in children. 

Mehandi leaves: Henna /Mehandi Leaves being an ancient hair care recipe is a natural hair dyeing agent. Along with hair colouring, it deep conditions hair making silky soft increasing the hair volume and length.

Hibiscus Leaves: Hibiscus being an well known member of your garden is known as a best remedy for hair thinning. It also treats premature greying of hair and is known to balance the pH value of the hair scalp. Hibiscus leaves is an astringent which reduces oiliness and prevents dry brittle hair.

Dry Gooseberry: Gooseberry is known citric fruit for promoting hair growth to a great extent. It is a natural oil for hair scalp encouraging re growth of hair and reduction of split ends. The fruit is rich in antioxidants which strengthens hair follicles and stimulates dormant hair follicles preventing hair loss.
Dry gooseberry is used to prevent the spoiling of oil due to moisture.

Fenugreek Seeds: Fenugreek/Methi a common Indian spice is a wonder for regular hair ailments. It moisturises hair, prevents dandruff, and cools the scalp providing a natural condition. It makes hair soft and slippery nourishing them greatly.

So what other herbs do you require for treating your hair?

Storage: The oil does not require any refrigeration or any special care. Avoid the water spillage into the oil to prevent spoiling.  You can transfer a little amount in a small container and refill whenever empty.

How best to use Homemade Herbal Hair Oil?

Apply the Homemade Herbal Oil overnight, massage your scalp for 15minutes and have a regular hair wash the next morning. 

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