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Homemade Ottu Shavige from Parboiled Rice - Recipe

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If you like the aroma of parboiled rice, then you are sure to love this Shevige (Ottu Shemige) recipe. 

This is a delicious breakfast ideas, especially on weekends.

Homemade Ottu Shavige from Parboiled Rice

We have already discussed a recipe of Ottu Semige made from white rice and coconut. It requires some expertise as it requires preparing dumpling by constantly stirring the thin batter of rice + grated coconut.

Recipe HERE.

With parboiled rice, no expertise in needed. Easy steps to prepare. Have a look. They look so delicious.


1 cup parboiled rice (brown colored)
Water (to grind the rice)
Salt as per taste

Method of preparation of homemade ottu shamige/vermicelli/noodles:

Wash the rice thoroughly under clean running water. And transfer into a vessel/bowl.
Now, add sizzling hot water to the rice and close the vessel with a lid.
Allow the rice to soak for about 2 hours.

parboiled rice breakfast recipes

Then with as little water as possible blend the rice.
You should attain semi-dough like dumpling with the blended rice.
Make small balls from the blended rice dumpling. If things get sticky, dip your hand in a bowl of water. A wet hand avoids sticking of things to the hands. And thus making rice ball gets easier.

Parboiled Rice Ottu Shavige recipe

Now, prepare a steamer, and once water begins to boil, place the rice balls in the steamer.
Steam cook the balls for 15 to 20 minutes.

Once done, the next task is to makes noodles out of these steam cooked rice balls using a noodles mould.

These traditional moulds or noodles presser are easily available in the market.
While the balls are still hot, place them in the moulds and press along to create thin noodle strings. 

Homemade Recipe Ottu Shavige

Traditionally these are known as Shyamige, or Shevige’ more precisely Ottu Shyamige.
‘Ottu’ means Pressed. Which literally means home-made/home-pressed noodles.

Serve the platter of Shyamige with

  • coconut oil and mango pickle, or
  • banana coconut milk pudding, (Recipe HERE) or
  • coconut & buttermilk sambar or
  • ghee and sugar
  • mango pudding. Recipe HERE

Homemade Parboiled Rice Ottu Shavige

Oh there are so many side options to be combined with Ottu Shyamige.

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