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7 Best Ways To Clean Your House Naturally

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Super shine , dirt free, hygiene and blooming fragrance makes your house a sweet home. No one would like to enter or reside under untidy and stinky roofs. Chemical cleansers and washers with added flavors are available in all drug stores but how if there are natural homemade cleansers?

Advantages of natural cleansers are they are not much dangerous when your child comes in contact with it and also they are economical.  



We all know fresh lime works wonders in beautifying skin and hair, but it also helps to shine up household items in just few minutes. Squeeze lemon juice on a scotch bite or a clean sponge; now rub your refrigerator walls and doors with this solution. It not only cleans and shines your refrigeration; it even acts as a disinfectant killing germs and giving a fresh citric odour. Carry this procedure once a week for hygiene storage of food.
Sprinkle diluted lemon juice over the mirrors and windows and wipe with a clean cloth to remove stains, finger prints and dust particles.  

Soak cutting boards and plastic food storage containers in lemon juice and rub them hard. It removes all the food stains.

If the base of your cooker has turned dark due to regular usage, drop the lemon peels and one cup water and boil them for 10 minutes closing the lid of the pressure cooker. You will find the base whitened when you switch off. If the base is too dark then continue this procedure for 2 or 3 times. 

For simple you can simply drop lemon peels below the base plate while cooking. But yes your cooked item might smell of lemon while doing so.

Hard water stains on the glass wares, slabs and shower doors can be removed by swiping with diluted lemon juice.

Nail polish Remover: 

The nail polish stains at the floors can be removed by rubbing with the nail polish remover.  Not just at floors, you can dilute and rub on polish stains fallen at the leather bags, shoes and furniture.

Baking soda:

Baking soda

Dissolve half cup of baking soda with a bucket of water and use it for moping the floors. This shines up the dull floors.

Dip hair brushes and combs with baking soda and water solution for clean up.

Patting baking soda on the stove tops shines and cleans the cooking stoves and removes the grease.

Baking soda is also good for removing clogs in the pipes especially the wash basins. Drop a cup of baking soda into the pipe and run hot water. This removes the clogs and allows free water flow
Adding two spoons of baking soda along with your dish washer makes the vessels sharp and grease free.  For tough burnt vessel stains, heat the vessel with water to loosen the stains. Next add a spoon full of baking soda and scrub well using a cloth or wooden stick. It vanishes all burnt stains.



Bowl full of vinegar mixed with salt scrubs away any hard stain and grids in the tiles. Mix vinegar and hot water to wipe the floor. This is a excellent cleansing and disinfectant for cleaning floors.

Baking Soda and Vinegar:  

Sprinkle baking soda and pour vinegar to your toilet bowl. It gives instant foam. Scrub and brush using a toilet brush which cleans up giving an excellent deodorizer.

Baking soda and vinegar together is a terrific cleansing agent. Pour baking soda into the pipe followed by a bowl full of vinegar. Wait for sometime so that it reacts and disposes the block. Pour hot water to flush out the garbage.


Hard cloth stains like greese, or any food stuffs can be rubbed out by soaking the stain part in diesel. The stains are vanished in a fraction of time but yes this method makes your cloth thin and bleaches away the fabric. Also wash this cloth separately as the diesel might stink to other clothes if washed together.
Keep away from children as it dangerous and has life risks also an caution fro not getting in touch with fire or sparks.

Soap nuts:  

Soap nuts

These natural soap nuts are wonderful cleanser for cleaning ornaments (gold and silver items) and utensils.  Dip ornaments in soap nut extract and rub them using a fine brush. It not only removes dirt and sweat, it gives so much shine to the product making them appear to be new. It is also an excellent hair cleanser.  

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