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Homemade Sandalwood, Milk & Almond Face Pack for Glowing Skin

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Sandalwood has been a part of women’s beauty regime for ages. Sandalwood extracts in many forms like sandalwood oil, sandalwood powder, and sandalwood face pack are available in markets.

Sandalwood is the nature’s beauty treatment and clears all the minor imperfections. It lightens scars, skin pigmentation, reduces the pores and provides a healthy complexion. Also the skin gets a unique glow and fragrance of sandalwood throughout the day.

homemade sandalwood face pack

Almonds help in moisturizing skin and adds a shine to your face. The oil from this nut prevents aging providing nourishment to skin.

Sandalwood, Milk & Almond Face Pack:

  • Sandalwood
  • One Almond soaked for an hour.
  • 2 Spoons of milk.

sandalwood milk almond facepack

Now begins the challenge of finding pure original sandalwood. If you have no access to the original sandal wood piece, then search for a branded sandalwood powder or face pack powder

However we still suggest you to use the original piece of sandalwood log. If you have been lucky enough to inherit a piece of sandal wood from your ancestor, then you can enjoy the maximum benefits of it for your skin.

How to prepare Sandalwood, Milk & Almond Face Pack:

  • Soak one almond in a bowl of hot milk. Leave it for some time before using.
  • Take a rough surface or a rough clean stone. Add a spoon of milk to the stone and roll the sandalwood piece over the stone till it forms a paste. Add milk as and when required if the paste is drying. 
  • Now bring in the soaked almond. Peeling the soaked almond is very easy.
  • On the rough surfaced stone, rub the almond with few drops of milk and collect the pasted almond.
  • Mix both the almond and sandalwood paste.

homemade sandalwood face pack

Apply this face pack to your face and neck. 

The sandalwood fragrance is excellent and you can feel the freshness. The vitamin E content in the almonds softens your skin and evens the skin tone. 

The sandalwood and almond paste together is a nutrition for the skin more than a beautifying agent.
Suppose you have used cosmetic/makeup on your skin, after removing your make up; apply this face pack. You can feel the cooling effect. 

sandalwood for glowing skin

Also if you have an irritating skin because of pollution this face pack  helps to calm down. 

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