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Benefits and Uses of Neem

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Neem , Indian Lilac is a magical tree grown in all seasons. With its highlighting skin and health benefits it has occupied an outstanding position in natural science.  Its anti bacterial, anti parasitic, anti fungal, anti inflammatory properties serves as a boon to problematic skin and hair. Moreover plant and Neem plant at your garden, its breeze will filter all the pollutants of atmosphere keeping your environment healthy and germ free. Let us thank and make the best use of the Neem leaves in our day to day life.

Uses of Neem Leaves

Neem Bath:

Now this is most amazing and easy method to suck all the neem skin benefits. Add few neem leaves to the hot water taken for shower. Or you can even boil neem leaves in water and pour the neem solution to the shower water. Now perform your regular shower using this neem water. You will be free from all skin problems like acne, dull skin, evens out skin colour and reduces sweat and body itching. You will never face any skin infections once you start the neem water bath.
The same neem water is best for your hair wash which controls dandruffs and kills out lice in kids.

Neem oil:

Clean 8 to 10 neem leaves and boil it along with pure coconut oil for 5 to 10 minutes till it boils. Close the lid and allow for cooling. Once the oil attains room temperature filter out the leaves and pour the oil to a clean air tight container. The neem oil appears greenish and is aromatic.

Give your hair and face a neem oil massage to work out all the imperfections of skin and hair. Regular neem oil massage makes skin glow and shine wiping out all the scars. It is a best medicine for pigmented and tanned skin. Neem oil hair massage overnight makes hair roots strong with the reduction of hair fall. Regenerative properties of neem promote hair growth.

Neem for skin allergies:

Neem oil massage heals skin affected by psoriasis and eczema. It reduces the dryness and irritation making skin soothe. Its antibacterial properties prevent the reoccurrence of the skin infective problems.
Also for mosquito bites in children, apply neem oil or even rub the leaves on the infected area. You will find the reduction of swelling and redness instantly.

Prepare a concentrated neem solution by boiling bunch of neem leaves in water. Also blend handful of fresh neem leaves and prepare a rough paste. Add them to the neem solution.
Now clean your legs from dirt and dust, and soak your feet in the neem solution. Either by your fingers or by a loofah, scrub your feet gently including the midst of toes.  The rough neem particles act as an excellent scrub removing the upper dead layer.

This is an excellent foot care method for fungus prone or scaly feet. The antiseptic property kills all the germs and prevents the future infection.  If you have dry feet, then add a drop of any edible oil (coconut oil) to the neem solution to work with the dryness.


Neem for Health:

Neem solution taken early in the morning is known to cure cough and cold and improves the resistance power defending against the germs causing infections. It is also known to treat diabetic reducing the sugar levels.

Neem Powder:

Neem powder prepared and stayed at dry condition is very helpful during unavailability of fresh neem leaves. Dry a bunch of neem leaves under sunlight till all the moisture evaporates. Crush them in a blender and prepare a fine powder. This home made neem powder can be used as a substitute for the leaves for face packs and hair packs along with other ingredients.

Neem Face Pack:

Crush neem leaves with yogurt and a besan powder to bring the face pack consistency. Apply the prepared paste to face and neck and wash out after dry. This is an herbal face pack with natural goodness reducing acne and black heads making your skin fresh. Neem herb helps to reduce pigmentation and blemishes controlling excess oil resulting a flawless skin.

Neem Face Scrub:

Combine Neem powder with lemon extracts and make a rough mixture. Rub the mixture to face, neck and body and even to your dark elbows and knees. Neem is an amazing exfoliates removing dead cells, opening up pores clearing all dirt and dust.  The scrub gives an excellent herbal aroma for long hours. The citrus fruit lightens skin making you fair. You can add a drop of oil to the prepared scrub if you feel drying.

Neem Hair Pack: 

Blend neem leaves along with buttermilk making a fine paste. This is an excellent hair pack treating dandruff and dry scalp. Allow the pack for half an hour and wash with luke warm water. Regular usage is very effective for healthy growing hair. The regenerative properties of neem promote hair growth reducing hair fall. It is also known to treat baldness in men.

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