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Home Remedies for Body Odor and Natural Alternatives for Deodrants

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Its human nature to complaint on everything we have. We enjoy everything offered by the nature but yet fuss upon seasonal changes which are made for the good of mankind.  Winter drying is gone and now is the hot summer. Hot summers can be happily accompanied with chilled food, cold showers and light weight clothing but the embarrassing fact is the body odor due to heavy sweating.   

summer skin care

Although there are lot of perfumes and deodorants, they are chemically based and show an temporary effect. 

Here are some home remedies which help to control body odor and some natural alternatives for deodorants.


skin hydration in summer.JPG

Proper Hydration helps to flush out body wastes which proportionate in reducing body odor. A minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water is required for healthy body mechanism.

Healthy Food: Unhealthy and spicy foods produce heat making you sweat excluding bad odor from the skin pores. The same is for sugary items. Both are worst food in all seasons.

fresh fruits for healthy skin

Follow a healthy diet which includes fresh fruits and vegetables which cools down the body temperature and reduces the rate of sweating. They even help in detoxifying of the body system. Detoxifying is a way of cleansing your body toxics which is odor causing agents.

Also reduce the intake of caffeine drinks which creates anxiety in turn resulting in body sweating.  So in order to sweat less stay away from packed foods and drinks, spicy snacks and sugary food.

Natural Drinks: Natural drinks like tender water or any fresh fruit juices are healthy alternatives which lowers the body temperature reducing excess sweat. 

Health and Beauty Benefits from Tender Coconut Water

They also supply sufficient energy as hot environment leads to energy loss.

Hygiene Fabrics: Natural fiber clothing made from silk or cotton is recommended. They reduce the rate of sweating as these cloths allow the air to flow to the skin surface making them dry and thus thriving away the body odor.

Wash Regularly:  Regular shower is a must to control body odor and is also and hygiene choice. 

frequent shower in summer

Do not offer hot water bath, cold or warm shower helps in less sweating.

Alcohol, smoking and drugs:  These three life killing agents are however a “strict no” in all circumstances. The chemical ingredients in it produce very strong body odor reflecting to a far way distance.
Wax underarms:  Hairy underarms creamy damp environment trapping the sweat. The evaporation of the sweat slows down which makes a way for production of odor causing bacteria.

Natural alternatives for Deodorants:

Sandal wood: Prepare sandal wood paste and apply to chest, underarms and stomach immediately after shower. Make a routine throughout the summer, this act as a natural deodorant/perfume releasing aromatic sandal fragrance.


It not only provides scent, but also cools down skin pores controlling the sweat.
Sandalwood does not stain your clothing; you can wear on without worrying about stains.

Lemon:  Rub your underarms with Lemon extracts or any citrus fruits using a cotton ball/tissue. The acidic content in the lemon changes the pH value of skin killing all the odor causing bacteria thus reducing the body odor.

Vinegar: Sprinkle vinegar to under arms and wipe with a clean cloth. Vinegar is a natural antiseptic which kills bacteria and instantly vanishes odor.  Apple cider vinegar is preferable.

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