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Natural Remedies for Cracked Heels

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Cracked heels are the emergency call for your foot care. They put a great end to your busy feet making them heavy and you have no chance of neglecting them. Cracked heels or heel fissures are the linear cuts at the lower surface of the feet which sometimes deepens causing wounds. The cuts may even bleed causing severe pains. May not be harmful but yes they are painful making remind on every step.  Again at the beauty point of view your foot gives an unattractive look and makes you impossible to wear any stylish foot wears.

Natural Remedies for Cracked Heels

 Please do not mix up with cracked foot and fungal foot. Their causes and remedies are totally different. Cracked heels are due to over foot activity and dryness where as the fungal foot is a fungal infection over the upper layer of feet skin.

Here are some effective home remedies and causes for cracked heels.

Bee Wax:

Natural Remedies for Cracked Heels

This is one of the effective home remedy for cracked heels.  Heat a spoon full of bee wax and melt it to watery form. Now apply them to your cracked feet overnight with a covering of clean socks.  You can reuse the left behind melted wax for the next day and need not heat them again.
Bee wax is economical and available in all lubricant stores.

Rosewater and Gglycerin:

Natural Remedies for Cracked Heels

Prepare a mixture of equal quantities of glycerine and rose water and pour the same to a clean bottle. Now rub the solution to cracked heels before bedtime. Better wear a pair of clean socks as the mixture is sticky and may make your bed clothes messy.
If you use natural plant based glycerine then you have no restriction in the usage. But if the glycerine is a petroleum product then there are chances of joint pains as it is petroleum based. Continue for a week and give a break for two days.

Sesame Oil:

Natural Remedies for Cracked Heels

Massage your feet with sesame oil at bed time. You will find the immediate softness in your cracked heels at the morning. Here again wear a pair of socks for your oily feet.

Paraffin Wax and mustard oil:

Heat a slice of paraffin wax along with a mustard oil. Apply this solution to the cracks after cooling down.  Heels soften narrowing the cracks sooner. 

The above mentioned remedies are very effective for heavy deep cut foot cracks whose results are observed the very next day. Make a practice to apply overnight along with hygiene pair of socks.
For minor light cracks where moisturizing is sufficient here are few simple known recipes.

Other Natural Remedies:

Natural Remedies for Cracked Heels

A scoop of aloe gel or a mixture of lemon and honey, both act as a good moisturiser. Apply them when your feet are at rest with a pair of socks. Coconut oil massage over cracks is also a good option for healing cracked heels. 


Exfoliating foot with rice floor/ oats with a combination of honey or any vegetable oil before shower make dead skin loose and provide the moisturizing effect. You can even use a loofah excellent scrubbing action.

Causes for cracked Heels:

  • Old age is the common natural cause for heel fissure. Skin dries up as age grows up raising the heel fissures.
  • Dehydration is also a cause for cracked heels as an indication of dryness and lack of water.
  • Deficiency of zinc and omega-3 fatty acid.
  • Excessive hot showers also cause skin dryness leading to heel fissures.
  • Standing for long hours and heavy foot activity. Also walking bare foot on harsh floors and heavy stones breaks up the skin making them wider.
  • Overweight is also a cause for heel fissures. The foot has to withstand the excess pressure due to overweight of the body which makes them expand sideways.
What not to do on Dry cracked heels?
  • Take extra foot care and wear protective sandals when your foot is cracked to avoid the worst conditions.
  • Do not peel the dry damaged skin of your heels; it might bleed causing heavy wounds. If the skin is long and thick making you irritating take a small scissor and make sure you are ripping out only the dead skin.
  • Do not neglect the foot care as they are not much visible. Remember your foot requires much attention than your face as they carry you all your life.
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