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Curd Rice Recipe to cool your stomach.. !!

I have a super easy recipe for all of you..!!!
The most wanted curd rice. The lunch or dinner, however heavy it is, if you skip curd rice, then it is a heights of in-completion. :)

Curd rice at the end actally soothes all the spicy and hot hot food you just had and help the stomach to calm down. Now it is a little strange to say that I have a recipe for curd rice. You may feel what is the big deal about this!! Mix curds in boiled rice, there it is done.

But I have some additions to this curd and boiled rice. Else it would be a bit boring with just the two.

Boil rice and keep aside for cooling.

To a vessel, put in grated carrot, two green chillies, few pomegranate seeds.

Add fried cashew (in ghee).
Add seasoning of urad dal, sesame and curry leaves.

Add chopped coriander leaves.
Now, to this add one bowl of Amul or goodlife curds, some hing (asafoetida ) and salt.

Mix well and add the boiled rice.

There, the stomach cooling curd rice is ready with some added flavors.
Hope you enjoyed. Do share what you feel.
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