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2015 Flashback at Happiest Ladies

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It is already over a week into 2016. And as a tradition, we donot want to miss looking back into the previous year 2015 (even though it is delayed by a week).

Without wasting much time, let us quickly peep into what special we had on Happiest Ladies through the months of 2015.

2015 flashback happiest ladies

The mouth watering Rasmali recipe tried for the first time, it was super easy and delicious.
Recipe here.

Come, visit Bangalore and we will guide you all around. Read here.

A quick tutorial on how to make sandalwood paste is sure to help all those who are craving for glowing skin. It shows how to prepare and use sandal wood face mask at home.

The Gujarati dishes are tempting and mouth watering. We would alway like to have a super Gujarathi breakfast that involves Khandvi and Dhokla. See more options here.

If you like beach holidays then here is where you should be heading to next. Udupi has several attractive beaches that will make your visit memorable. Read more about the Udupi beaches here.

Moms who are always in search of new ideas for kids fancy dress ideas should look here. There are so many ideas to try for school fancy dress competition. Read here.

Patanjali has come up with many new products which has been a great hit as usual. Here are few of the top 10 Patanjali products that will come handy during summer.

We had a trip to Hampi. Only visiting Hampi will make you realize why this historical site has been so world famous. Read a short list of reasons that will convince you to visit this hot sunny town in Karnataka here.

Replace those branded sauce and jam jar with homemade shrikhand. Recipe here.

Learn how to prepare the festival offering prasada recipe of Sapada here.

What makes the experience at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa a special one can be known only if you feel the massaging and relaxing feel at their place. Read my personal experience here.

How does it feel to climb 1008 steps up Chamundi Hill at Mysore? It is one of the kind of experience. Why climb? Reasons vary from person to person. But you should definitely plan this event in your itinerary when you travel to Mysore.

That was a fruitful 2015 year at Happiest Ladies. Hoping for more in 2016. Best wishes to all of you.

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