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Udupi Town Gearing for Paryaya-2016 Celebrations

The countdown has begun; final minute preparations and decorations are in full swing. People gathering around clicking with their smart phones and admiring the traditional decorations using tender coconut, areca nuts, flowers, fabric lanterns and LED lightings.

krishna matha2

krishna matha

traditional floral & coconut decoration

Wooden chariots being prepared for Rathotsava

madhwa sarovara udupi temple
 Madhwa Sarovara, Krishna Temple

The huge mob is worth watching from far away while the officials of police department struggle to maintain peace and order.

Anandateertha Mantapa and Adhokshaja Mantapa.

The cultural programs are a constant affair for the past few days at the Anandateertha Mantapa and Adhokshaja Mantapa built specially for Paryaya.

paryaya darbar mantapa4

paryaya darbar mantapa3

paryaya darbar mantapa rasa leele

These mantapas are decorated with huge number of fabric lanterns. Huge crowd has been gathering in front of these two mantapas to watch the programs.

paryaya darbar mantapa2


Chariot being pulled around the path way of Udupi Car Street is a major event watched by devotees.
Udupi Krishna Temple has several chariots, 3 wooden chariots of different size, one golden chariot, one silver chariot and one navaratna chariot.

Idol of Lord being carried in the chariot

udupi ratha

kanaka gopura udupi krishna temple
Wooden chariots parked in front of Kanaka Gopura (night view)

udupi car street 3 chariots
 Wooden chariots parked in front of Krishna Temple (night view)

Lightings and Decorations made at Pejavara Matha, Udupi.

Udupi Parayaya 2016-18

paryaya pejavara matha lighting decoration

Vendors around the car street @ Udupi.

vendors near udupi krishna temple 1

vendors near udupi krishna temple 2

vendors near udupi krishna temple 3

vendors near udupi krishna temple 4

vendors near udupi krishna temple 5
 Mattu Gulla, very famous during the festival of Paryaya.

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