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Horekanike - Pejavara Paryaya Donations 2016

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As the temple town of Udupi gears up for the historic celebration of Udupi Paryayotsava – 2016, the air is filled with excitement. People pour in large numbers to witness the grand celebration. 

Horekanike is a major event which is a part of every Paryaya Mahotsava. Devotees donate food grains, pulses, coconuts, vegetables, plantains, and many more for the incoming Paryaya Mutt a few days ahead of the Prayaya.

Horekanike Donations 2016 - Lord Shri Krishna

The teams of devotees offering come in a procession and in floral decorated vehicles to donate the items. For this Paryaya, Horekanike donations began flowing in for Jan 05 and will end on Jan 16 (today).

Paryayotsava-2016 Horekanike/Donations

Paryayotsava-2016 Horekanike has gained much popularity as there is an attraction at the store hall.

Horekanike Ugrana - Paryaya Donations Store Hall
 Horekanike Ugrana - Paryaya Donations Store Hall

Paryaya Donations Store Hall - Stalls
 Paryaya Donations Store Hall - Stalls

The store hall is divided into separate stalls for storing and maintaining items. You get to see the storage of coconuts, de-husked coconuts, tender coconuts, bananas, plantain leaves, pumpkin, yellow pumpkin, akki mudi - rice ‘murras’, rice, eggplant, coconut oil and pulses.

The store hall has been temporarily built at the vast field areas near Rajangana parking space. The horticultural products have been used to create artistic structures related to Udupi temple. A maize corns mantapa, arecanuts chariot, tender coconuts cow shed, tall statues of Parashurama, a small 4-feet statue of Lord Krishna, these form the prime attractions in the donations store hall.

Maize Corn Mantapa 

Horekanike Donations 2016 - akki mudi
Rice grains stored within hay containers

Horekanike Donations 2016 - parashurama

Horekanike Donations 2016 - aracenut chariot
Aracenut Chariot at Horekanike Donations Store Hall

Horekanike Donations 2016 - tender coconut cow shelter
Tender coconut mandapa as cow shelter

The path way is decorated with torans of mango leaves and archs of arecanuts. The cucumbers are tied with dried plantain strings or coconut leaves and hung on top.

Horekanike Donations 2016 - cucumber pumpkin

As Vishwesha Tirtha Swamiji of Pejawar Mutt is ascending the Peetha of Paryaya for the record 5th time on 18 Jan 2016, the donations have poured in large quantities.

Horekanike Ugrana - Paryaya Donations Hall Decoration

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