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Udupi Celebrates Pejavara Paryaya Utsava Amidst Sea of Devotees

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Paryaya as you all know by now, is a grand celebration associated with Shri Krishna Temple of handing over the administration rights from seer to another seer of Udupi Ashtha Matha.

During Paryaya , the temple town Udupi gets transformed into sparkling fairy tale place. The beauty of this unique celebration can be witnessed every alternate year.

udupi celebrates paryaya utsava.JPG

2016 Paryaya Utsava was planned to perfection, thanks to the efforts of organizers and volunteers.
Over hundred events related to Paryaya took place as planned.

A visual treat of photographs that shows beautiful glimpses of eve/night of Paryaya Utsava is here.

Cultural Programs

Temporary stages were set up across the town for artists to perform and entertainment the devotees who wait overnight to witness the procession escorting the seers.

Udupi paryaya 2016 cultural programs1
Veena Vaadana at Poornprajna Mantapa

Udupi paryaya 2016 cultural programs2
 Classical Music Concert at Nanda Gokula Mantapa

Moments of final preparations for the procession

paryaya procession preparations

Jodu Katte

Jodu Katte is a prime junction in Udupi where all the proceeding of the procession begins. The presiding deity of Pejawar Mutt, Sri Rama Vittal, is worshipped by the seer here and then the procession begins escorting the seers.

jodu katte udupi
 Jodu Katte, Udupi

The procession route from Jodukatte to Carstreet is jam packed with devotees who gather and wait overnight to witness this grand occasion.

Udupi paryaya procession route
 Udupi Paryaya Procession Route

The path way is illuminated with colourful lights and every vantage point is thronged with people.

The grand Procession of Pejawara Paryaya 2016

This procession is a grand feast and an amazing sight to witness considering the fact that it is held in the darkness of early morning hours.

A group of young boys and girls decorated the procession route with huge colourful rangoli designs.

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava1

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava2

Traditional troops from Goa, Pune, Mumbai, Kerala, Mysore, Punjab, took part by performing along the procession path way.

To add to the noise and excitement, groups of local chande team, drummers, musicians march across the crowd.

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava3
Mysore Nagaari

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava4
 Shanka Daasaru (Conch Blowers)

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava5
 Kombu Vaadya

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava6

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava7

tiger dance udupi festivals
Pili Vesha/Huli Vesha/Tiger Dance - Udupi festivals

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava8

Veerabhadra and Pooja Dance

Dollu Kunitha (Dancing with the drum)

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava11

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava12

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava13

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava14
Bhagava Dhvaja (Saffron Flag)

mattu gulla brinjal

Tableaux highlighting various Hindu mythological stories accompanied the procession.

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava15

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava16
Madhwacharya, the founder of Dwaita philosophy with idol of Shri Krishna

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava17
Vadiraja Theertharu

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava18
Lakshmi Narayana

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava19

pejawar paryaya 2016 udupi paryayotsava20

This marks the grand beginning of Pejawara Seer taking over the worship right of Lord Shri Krishna and the administration at the temple.

pejawara matha presiding diety

pallenquin carrying seer of ashtha matha
Typical pallenquin carrying Swami of Ashtha Matha, Udupi

1. Swami of Pejawara Matha (Senior)
2. Swami of Pejawara Matha (Junior)
3. Swami of Krishnapura Matha
4. Swami of Sode Vadiraja Matha
5. Swami of Palimaru Matha
6. Swami of Adamar Matha
7. Swami of Shiroor Matha

The next Paryaya Utsava is scheduled after 2 years, say January 2018.

Plan your visit to witness the next Paryaya celebration at Udupi. 

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