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DIY – Paper Wings for Fairy Fancy Dress

For dressing up like a fairy/angel you will need few simple accessories to look angelic. The tiara or a floral band, a pair of wings, a magical wand, and a lovely gown or tulle skirt. 

Little girls dressed up as fairy is look so wonderful.

wings for fairy fancydress

After making your own floral head band with colorful papers, we carry the work further for making a pair of wings for fairy.

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Items needed to make Fairy Wings

make wings for fairyfancydress

Chart paper (color of your choice)
Satin ribbons,
A piece of cardboard
Cello tape
Poster colors
Paint brush.
Pencil/sketch pen

How to make fairy wings at home

Fold the chart paper into half. On one half of the side, draw a shape of the wing with the help of a pencil/sketch pen. Roughly draw the outline to make it look like a shape of the wing.

DIY paper fairy wings

Cut out the chart paper as the drawn shape. Make sure you do not cut off at the folded line.

Now open the paper and your wings are ready.

make fairy wings at home

To help you wear the wings, you will need to fix a ribbon at the back.

Use a rectangular piece of card board and punch two holes in it. Into these holes, push in the ribbons and tie knots to make two handles. This will help you wear the wings on your shoulder when you are dresses up.

step by step DIY fairy wings

Attach this cardboard piece to the chart paper wings with the help of hot glue.

Now, your wings are ready to be worn.

Decorate the wings by drawing few patterns, attaching ribbon bows, sparkling stars, shiny pearls, glowing stones; whatever helps you in decorating and making your wings beautiful.

Homemade easy fairy wings

Enjoy the wings on the fancy dress day. 

wings for fairy fancydress

magical wand for fancy dress

Also prepare a quick wand. Wrap a small stick with gold foil paper and attach a cute star at one end.

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