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DIY – Floral Headband for Fairy Fancy Dress

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Kid’s school events and activities are great fun to take part in; especially the fancy dress competition makes every member in the house to get involved in the preparation.

There are many kid’s stores and online shopping sites that sell the kids fancy dress costumes in various themes.

But, personally we believe in making at home the accessories and costumes needed for the fancy dress.

fairy  fancydress headband DIY

With the theme of Winter Wonderland Celebrations, kids get to dress up as snow princess, angels, king, drummer boy, Santa Claus, snow man and so on.

Girls obviously prefer dressing up as little angels or fairies. The fairy costume makes them look so cute with long gown on tulle skirts teamed with headband, wings and a magical wand.

Here are quick details of preparing a floral head band for fairy/angel using origami craft papers.

You will need

Origami paper of your choice of color
Golden colored craft/gift wrap paper
Gum tape
Any old hair band or head ribbon.

homemade floral hair band

How to make paper flowers

Cut out the orgami craft paper in small circles of your preferred size. Make sure all the circles are of same size.

DIY fairy headband step1

Stack up 5 circles on each other and staple at the center.

Now begin to crunch the pinned papers one by one. 

DIY fairy headband step2

When you have crunched all the circular papers slowly open up to give it a natural look.

This way, your first paper flower is ready for use.

DIY fairy headband step3

Make 6-8 flowers similarly.

Put in your creative thinking to maximum use and prepare combination of different colors of flowers. Create your own such that it matches your child’s dress.

How to make floral headband for fairy fancy dress costume

Take a plain plastic kids hair band and wrap it up with jazzy golden paper. Stick the gold sheet/paper completely to cover the hair band.

DIY kids head band

Now, to this golden hair band, glue the paper flowers you just made.

To bring a fancy glow to the flowers, dab some gold paint or sprinkle it with some sparkles. We dabbed some gold colored poster color on the flowers.

DIY fairy headband step4

You can also use gold ribbon instead of the hair band. This will skip the effort of wrapping the hair band with gold paper.

The whole making of floral headband at home hardly takes half an hour.

Do try this and share how beautiful your at-home-floral-headband turns out to be.

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