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Why Hampi Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

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Hampi is home to numerous fantasies. The minute you step on the land of Hampi, you are sure to be taken back in time and legacy.

Every stone at Hampi speaks a lot about history. Some speak historical secrets and some about mythological secrets.

One would definitely get curios about digging more and more in to the ancient kingdom. 

The Stone Chariot

Stone Chariot at Vitthala Temple

A shrine built in the form of a chariot, aptly known as ‘Kallina Ratha’ in kannada (Kallu is stone, Ratha is chariot) is the icon of Karnataka tourism. This magnificent example of architecture is the main attraction of Hampi.
The herbal painting on the stone chariot

painting on the carvings of stone chariot hampi

There are mild color paintings on the carvings of the stone chariot. They seem to have sustained the natural weather elements for several centuries. The under carriage of the chariot shows the best preserved sample of the painting. 

It is believed that the entire Vitthala Temple was once painted with such herbal/mineral colors.

The serpentine river Tunga Bhadra

tungabhadra river

Ever wondered who greets you with a warm welcome on reaching Hampi? The river Tunga Bhadra. The various sights of the river you get through out Hampi, Hospet, Anegundi is worth cherishing.

The never ending heaps of boulders

big boulders in hampi

The boulders look as though they were placed there by someone and are the sole witness that happened throughout the ages.  

The coracle ride

caracle ride in Tungabhadra river

Coracle ride is a great experience to enjoy the calmness of river Tunga Bhadra.

The sunset/sunrise amidst the Hampi ruins

sunset at Tungabhadra river

Hampi though in ruins now, takes you instantly to the time of a magnificent Hindu era. The nature and the beauty around the ruins gives a lifetime experience.

The holy dip at Chakrathirtha

Chakratirtha bathing ghat at Tungabhadra

It is considered very holy to take a bath at Chakrathirtha; the sacred bathing ghat of Tunga Bhadra. The swirling water here is considered holy since ancient times.

Dig into Madhva traditions through Navavrindavanam

Navavrindavana holy island Anegundi

Navavrindavana is situated on a small holy island in the midst of the Tunga Bhadra river. Navavrindavana is the nine tombs of Hindu Madhwa saints. The visit is divine. 

64 pillared tomb of the legendary King Krishnadevaraya

Tomb of King Krishnadevaraya Hampi

This is a beautiful 64 pillared mandapa in Anegundi. It is the Samadhi/tomb of the most popular king of Vijayanagara, Sti Krishnadevaraya. It is believed that he excelled in 64 fields of the education. And thus his Samadhi was built accordingly with 64 pillars, arranged in a 8 x 8 array.

Listen to the speaking stones

stone carvings at Hazararama temple Hampi

Each stone in Hampi has a vast story to narrate. Either of our gods and goddesses or the major Hindu mythological events or it could be even the glorious days of the kingdom.

So, with these narrations we believe that there is enough reason for you to visit Hampi on your next travel opportunity.

Apart from these, there are a lot of attractions that speak stories of Vijayanagar Kingdom. Keep watching for more stories about Hampi.
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