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Should You Buy A Baby Walker

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A baby needs a walker or not before he/she begins to walk is a topic with different opinions.

There is no proof or guarantee that the baby learns walking after introducing to the walker. The first footsteps and subsequent un-balanced foot-steps and running are independent of using walker.

But some parents buy walker; not as a means of learning to walk, but for entertainment. Walker is one of the best aids for the baby who has not yet learnt walking to move around freely with ease. It can be compared to a tricycle of a toddler.

BSA Baby Walker India

So, when the baby is bored on the walker automatically baby will ask for coming out of it. Well, supervision is required when baby is put on walker. That is always there.

We bought a walker from the brand BSA. Read review HERE .

If you remember, BSA is a good old brand which made cycles earlier. Every house had a cycle then. Petrol/diesel was not very much depended on. BSA now has extended their range of products.

The first few days of buying we felt as though he (our son) would never learn to roam around with it. He would just sit on it, look at our face and smile. We had to push the walker around so that he would get the fun out of it. Couple of days later he accidentally slid himself backward in the walker. Confused and worried looks spread around his face; worth watching. And then in another couple of days he learnt to speed around. That was again a big challenge for us to control him.

He had access to a lot of the things. He could reach new height which he never knew before. His activities changed totally. He enjoyed whilst we suffered managing around. 

The BSA Walker has a square base with wheels at the corners. The wheels rotate in all directions. The seat is made of cloth, it is detachable and washable. Washing became a routine of alternate days.
While selecting a walker you should make sure that the body is of good quality plastic or any other material if you choose so. There should not be sharp or hard edges on the walker. Thus, the walker should not harm your baby in any way while being seated in it.

If you think you can put your baby on the walker and you will get some free time to do your work, then you are wrong. Very wrong. It is the other way round. You have to be after the walker, where ever your baby moves around in it.

baby walker yes or no

You should note one thing; the use of walker is very limited. Baby does not spend any major time on walker. And if you consider the age time, then hardly 3 or 4 months before they actually begin with their independent footsteps. And then, nobody wants this walker. 

Consider the below facts before buying a baby walker

  • Your baby gets to reach new height which he/she has never reached before.
  • Baby can easily get hold of things which might be hazardous.
  • Baby has no control on the speed and can easily crash into a lot of things.
  • There is always a risk of baby walker tipping and falling down the stairs.
  • A baby is very unstable in the walker if left alone on an uneven surface
  • Baby walker travels a lot faster than you can think of stopping the accident.
  • Walkers do not help baby to learn to walk.
  • Using too much of walker can also lead to delay in developmental activities. Baby should learn to roll, crawl, sit and play on the floor and then eventually stand and begin on the first foot steps before running around.
So, the decision is purely personal. Anybody’s recommendations do not help in this matter.

As for the BSA Walker, it is very good. For the price and the brand, the quality of the walker is very good. If at all you decide to buy a walker, then you can think of considering the brand BSA.

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