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How Raisins are good for Health, Skin and Hair?

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Raisins are the widely used dry fruit and are most sugary and delicious. Dry harvesting the fruit grapes either by sunlight or any mechanical drying methods leads to the production of raisins. Depending on the type of grape berries there are varieties of raisins such as dark raisins (currants), golden coloured raisins (sultana/Thompson seedless) and other sizes and coloured raisins from different species of grapes.

How Raisins are good for Health, Skin and Hair?

Health Benefits of Raisins:

Raisins are highly nutritious and energy sources packed with vitamins, minerals, calcium and antioxidants required for daily activity.

How to consume Raisins?

Apart from garnishing raisins to sweets and dishes, soak a bowl full of raisins in water overnight. Consume the soaked swelled raisins also the soaked water next morning empty stomach. This is rich in energy and can be replaced with your morning breakfast.
Or you can munch a handful of raisins as your evening snack instead of cookies and candies.

Constipation:  Even though the dry fruit is dehydrated, raisins when consumed its fibrous components swells within body in the presence of water.  These fibres improve the bowel movements thus relieving constipation. Consumption of raisins daily is a medicine for piles and kidney stones.
It is a best home medicine even for infants within one year who find difficulty in passing out excreta. Soak one or two raisins in hot water smash it using fingers and filter the outer cover as your child may not chew it. Let your baby sip this water early in the morning for a week’s time. You will find the result instantly. 

Acidity: Raisins are the best coolant for your body. It cools down body temperature, relieves acidity and flushes the toxin waste from the body.

Eye care: They are rich source of vitamin A that provides good eye sight vision. The antioxidant polyphenolic phytonutrients in the dry fruit makes eye sight strong.

How Raisins are good for Health, Skin and Hair?

Dental care: The Oleanolic acid in raisins prevents tooth decay and the calcium components help makes your tooth stronger preventing breakage of enamel and teeth.

Energy: Raisins are good source of energy especially for a growing child. It contains calcium helps in bone development and prevents arthritis. They are filled with fructose and glucose which are good sources of potential energy. Raisins help to gain weight in a natural and healthy way.

Skin Care: Raisins contain antioxidant resveratrol that slows down the aging process in the skin cells. They purify blood and improve oxygen supply to skin that makes skin radiant and young.

Consuming is the best way to suck all its skin benefits. Along with it you can splash raisin soaked water to your face or make a paste of soaked raisins and apply to your face. Wash out after drying. This prevents your skin from sagging, reduces blemishes making skin plump and nourished.

Hair Care: Raisins contains components required for healthy growth of hair. Iron, vitamin B and magnesium are the components that condition hair and strengthen roots. Consumption of raisins prevents hair loss due to rich antioxidants.

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