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6 Natural Skin and Hair Conditioners

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Hair conditioners and skin moisturizers are two great products which are highly demanded on market claimed as skin and hair softeners but never turned true. Application of hair products to skin and the reverse is highly dangerous making you worse. But nature has products where single product serves both as hair conditioners and skin softener with sure results. Here are 6 such natural products that are applied for both skin and hair as conditioning agents.

Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk extracted from grated brown coconuts is rich in oil and fat. Used as a food ingredient it is very nourishing for skin and hair.
Collect one bowl of fresh coconut grates; blend them along with equal amounts of water. Using a clean strainer, filter the blended coconut grates and collect the fresh milk in a container.

coconut milk skin benefits

For skin:  Dip a cotton ball and rub all your skin and neck. Leave it in your skin for 10 minutes till your skin absorbs. Coconut milk is rich in vitamins and soothing properties which make skin smooth and radiant. It restores moisture combating skin dryness.

For hair:  Divide your hair and pour 5 to 6 tea spoons of coconut milk to hair scalp and massage well with your finger tips. Also sprinkle coconut milk to your entire hair length till wet. A spraying bottle is best for application easing the process. Let it stay for 30 minutes so that the fatty milk is completely absorbed by the hair roots. You can even use a cotton ball for application but you need to dip quite number of times which may be time consuming. Continue your normal hair wash with a mild cleanser.
Coconut milk is contains vitamin E which conditions hair moisturizing greatly, reduces hair fall and split ends vanished in regular usage (twice weekly).  It easily detangles hair softening the brittle hair strands.


Milk, is a rich source of protein and nutrients beneficial for health, skin and hair and highly consumed in by humans from ancient time till today for its goodness.

Milk for skin and hair

For skin:  Milk baths are common right from Egyptian queens along with rose petals. However it is quite time consuming in today’s life so simply damp a cotton with cold or raw milk and rub all over face and neck. Leave it till drying and rinse away. Milk conditions dry flaky skin moisturises and helps repair skin tissues making skin youthful.

Raw milk is more effective which contains vital nutrients and vitamins and rich in AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) reducing fine lines and slows down ageing.

For hair: Detangle your hair and spray raw milk entirely to scalp and hair length. Wear a shower cap to avoid dripping and leave for drying and wash out normally. Your hair may smell of dairy but very negligible after shampooing. It conditions dry lifeless hair adds moisture and a superb hair conditioner. One more true fact is spraying milk to hair is known to straighten and flatten hair naturally.  

One more dairy, yogurt resulting from the fermentation of milk is a wonder cream for both hair and skin.

Yogurt skin benefits

For skin: Apply rich creamy yogurt to your face and body before shower, gently massage for 10 minutes and continue your normal shower. The lactic acid in yogurt bleaches skin and repairs the dryness moisturising greatly. It promotes healthy bright complexion.

For Hair: Coat your hair with yogurt and leave for 30 minutes. Shower and shampoo with a mild product.  It is a deep hair conditioner regaining the lost moisture making soft and shine.

Aloe vera

Succulent fleshy leaves of aloe vera termed as plant of immortality from ancient is a medicine for skin and hair goodness.

aloe gel

For skin: Pour out the yellow liquid at the tip, and apply the transparent gel over face and neck. It is suitable for all skin types balancing the moisture providing cooling effect to skin. 

For Hair: collect bowl full of aloe slices and make a smooth paste of it. Apply to hair roots and length and let it stay for some time. Rinse out with warm water and pat dry. The soothing and shining effect is immediately observed making hair well conditioned and nourished.


Churning the milk fat leaves fat free thin consistency liquid which is an proved coolant for health, skin and hair.

Buttermilk skin and hair benefits

For Skin: With a cotton ball rub buttermilk all over face and neck.  The creamy milk is an deep cleanser making your skin clean and baby soft. Make a routine of buttermilk face wash before bed time for glowing skin.

For Hair: Apply freshly churned buttermilk to hair scalp and rub well with finger tips. Wash out with warm water.  The dairy leaves a smell in your hair for some time. Buttermilk is an excellent hair conditioner repairing damaged hair, treating dandruff resulting in lustrous hair.

Tender Water

Tender water is the natural cold drink to serve your thirst. It has excellent hydrating property for skin and hair.

Health and Beauty Benefits from Tender Coconut Water

For Skin: Damp cotton in fresh tender cotton water and wet your face. This is the best moisturizer and a tonic removing all impurities also an excellent make up remover.  There is no limitation for its usage, apply regularly as many times in a day. Regular usage makes skin well conditioned and healthy glowing.

For Hair: Light consistency tender water has loads of proteins that promote hair growth and hair volume improving blood circulation on massage. Massage your scalp and hair strands with tender water and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse out with warm water.  Your hair meets the exact hydration required especially for dry unmanageable hairs. It also reduces itchiness and dandruff attacking your scalp.

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