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How to Prepare Tortilla Wrap at Home

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Tortilla is basically a type of flat bread originally from Mexico. Tortilla resembles the Asian chapati or roti as we say here. A wheat tortilla or corn tortilla are the popular wraps for many type of Mexican and Spanish delicacies.

Tortilla wraps are thin, flat and unleavened; similar as any typical flat bread.

Today we shall see how to prepare tortilla wraps at home easily. Preparation of Quesadilla is also easy at home. You can enjoy the crispy wrap with gooey melted cheese fillings straight from your kitchen.

Quesadilla recipe homemade recipes

How to prepare tortilla wrap at home

You will need: Corn flour, wheat flour, water, salt, cooking oil (optional)

In a large wide mouthed bowl, add equal proportion of corn flour and wheat flour. Mix well. Add a spoon of cooking oil and some water and mix well. Knead and prepare the dough.

Make small portions of dough like a ball and press it into flat bread.

homemade tortilla wrap

Heat this flat bread on a flat pan.

Your healthy homemade tortilla wrap is ready.

How to make Quesadilla from homemade tortilla wraps and fillings

You will need: chopped bell pepper, sweet corn, salt, butter, seasonings.

For the filling, prepare your favourite mixed vegetable recipe.

I chose sweet corn and bell pepper with some seasonings. Rosemary and Thyme gives great taste and aroma.

Stir fry fresh sweet corn and finely chopped bell pepper along with half spoon of melted butter. Add salt as required and top it with your choice of seasonings.

corn & vegetbale tortilla filling

Take one wrap you just prepared, fill it half with seasoned corn and bell pepper. Also add a slice of double cheese or cheddar. For cheesier burst, add double slices of cheddar.

Fold the other half of the wrap and making the shape of a half moon. Cook it on a griddle. 

how to prepare Quesadilla

You will see cheese melting and forming a yummy layer while the tortilla wrap turns crispy.

Serve with tomato sauce or sour cream or a creamy Gokomali dip.

prepare Quesadilla at home

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