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Patanjali Body Lotion Review

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Although I have covered many Patanjali products, there are yet lot more to experience with. Patanjali has a wide range of beauty, food and health care products.  Here is one more daily skin care product, Patanjali body lotion which claims to be filled with ayurvedic medicines for skin goodness.

Patanjali Body Lotion Review

Price:  It costs Rs 60 for 100 ml. Patanjali products are usually affordable and most of the products are worth a penny.


Patanjali Body Lotion Review

Package: Like all other body lotions, patanjali body lotion comes in an elongated opaque fibrous bottle with a screwing flip cap. Press the bottle to flow out the lotion; it has a descent rate of flowing. The bottle is opaque where you cannot make out the quantity left behind, but screwing the cap is quite helpful to check the amount remained.

Patanjali Body Lotion Review

Nature: Peach colour similar to the oldest Lacto calamine cream is how the body lotion appears. When dropped to your palm the body lotion has quite thick consistency, but immediately melts and spreads when you rub over your skin. To be clearer, it has a perfect consistency neither runny nor thick. The lotion does not grease and oily the skin even after long hours. It completely gets absorbed makes your skin smooth and shine.  The lotion is free from chemicals, skin irritations and filled with nature healing products like aloe, turmeric, saffron and many more.

Patanjali Body Lotion Review

The lotion is mild and may not be useful for extra dry skin and even on winters. But for normal and dry skin in normal temperatures they are really skin friendly. Also the lotion has no sun protection which should be mandatory ingredient in body lotions.  Softening and smoothing is its property, but does not work much on rejuvenating and skin glowing.

Fragrance: The smell is pleasant but quite strong. I did not find the scent resembling any of its ingredients rather I found it like a traditional perfume.

Pros of Patanjali Body Lotion:

·         Affordable and efficient
·         Standard hygiene package
·         Nature ingredients
·         Available online and patanjali stores
·         Controls dryness without making skin oily

Cons of patanjali Body Lotion:

·         Scent may be strong for sensitive noses
·         No spf
·         May not be helpful for extra drying skin

Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: Overall it is a descent product, especially for those who prefer light body lotions and you have no fear of skin harming. Try not to purchase during harsh winters. Monsoon and summers are the perfect time for this lotion.

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