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Beauty Tips & Benefits From Ice Cubes

When you think of scratchy summers, the first thing flashes in your mind are the ice cubes. Even though they are bad for throat ice cubes always remain as water reservoirs in freezers to quench your thirst during a hot tiring day. Let us keep away the sore throat from ice cubes and look over the skin benefits. The ice cube therapy for skin is the easiest, simplest and helps in attaining transparent shiny skin.

Beauty from Ice cubes

How to prepare Ice cubes for skin?

Even a kid knows how to form ice cubes from ice tray J. But while using them on skin, instead of tap water, pour mineral water to form ice cubes. Let the tray be clean and hygiene as the cubes are directly used on skin.

Beauty Benefits of Ice cubes

Simply rub an ice cube on your face, your skin glows instantly and gets freshly hydrated. Instead of covering your face with creams and foundations, make an ice cube therapy before attending any occasions and get set go with dewy fresh skin.

Rubbing ice cubes on your facial skin shrinks pores, reduces acne size, acne irritations, delays ageing and improves blood circulation promoting healthy skin complexion.

Rub an ice cube on heavy sized acne. It reduces acne size overnight, wipes excess oil and fades the redness.

During summers, make a routine to rub an ice cube before bedtime to quench your skins thirst. Your skin glows radiant and hydrated. It also calms sun tans and itchy skin.

Ice cube is a wonderful material for before and after makeup. Rubbing an ice cube before you start your make up lasts the cosmetics for long. And also rubbing ice cubes after makeup is an excellent make up remover recovering skin from cosmetic damages.

Ice cubes act as a wonder for puffy eyes and dark circles. This is a must for those who work late nights and encourage dark patches and swell around their eyes. Rubbing ice cubes to eyes cools strained eyes, reduces puffiness and dark circles.  You can even add rosewater while freezing.

Instead of just water formed cubes, you can make fruity cubes or any herbal cubes. Pour any fruits and herbs extracts into the tray. Enjoy the benefits from fruity/herbal ice cubes.

Tips while using Ice cubes

·         Do not over use the cubes as the frozen things break the delicate skin capillary. Also do not apply directly over skin, wrap the cubes in a hygiene thin cloth and roll over skin.

·         One cube in a day is advisable.

·         Rubbing the cubes make your skin numb. Give a break for few seconds, the skin gains normal condition and continue the process.

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