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5 Basic Things Needed To Dress Baby As Krishna

With Krishna Janma Ashthami festival approaching soon, there are fancy dress competitions held everywhere in the locality. Babies, toddlers, infact kids of all age and gender are eligible for the competition.

The spirit of the competition is to see how well kids get dressed up and how truly they look divine. Lord Krishna indeed resides in the tiny soul.

To enjoy the Krishna Ashthami fancy dress, here is a quick and short list you need to gather for dressing up your child as Lord Krishna.

Peacock feather

dressing up as krishna peacock feather

Peacock feather is the most important part of this fancy dress costume. It is this feather on Krishna’s hair that distinguishes him from other Hindu gods.

Fix the feather on to a decorated crown, or along with just the hair tied with a band.
You may also decorate with pearl jewelries.


decorative flute for krishna fancy dress

Flute, Bansuri as it is traditionally called in India is another accessory of Krishna. Krishna is always found with his flute as a child and even as an adult.


Dhoti being the ethnic wear in India, it is the best way to dress up when you are planning for a Krishna fancy dress.

baby krishna homemade dhothi

You get ready-made stitched dhotis from many clothing stores and also online stores.

If you know how to tie or make your own dhoti then you have won over half the job. Take a long piece of cloth which has golden zhari decorative thread work border, tie the required knots well and make pleats to look like a dhoti.


Jewellery is a part of most types of traditional, ethical, mythological theme fancy dress.

Lord Krishna fancy dress jewellery

Jewellery selection is based on personal selection. Pearl jewellery, some like golden jewellery, some multi colour stone jewellery while some will opt for floral jewellery.

Butter Pot

butter pot krishna fancy dress idea

Maakhan Chor - Krishna is a good theme for presenting on stage. Send a decorative pot along with flute on stage. Fill the pot with ice cream, yogurt, butter, milk sweet; anything that looks like butter and whatever you child might like to lick. Who cares to see what is in the pot.

Enjoy dressing up little Krishna of your home. Happy Krishna Janmashtani.

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