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How To Make Hand Drawn Greeting Card For Teacher

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When you receive something handmade, then it is a humble gesture of making your feel special. There are so many ideas of gifting personal custom made items for your beloved ones. Handmade soaps, handmade painting, handmade gift boxes, homemade chocolates, handmade greeting cards; the ideas are many.

With teacher’s day just gone, we had a wonderful opportunity to make our dear teachers feel greatly loved and proud.

how to make greeting card at home

5th September is a day dedicated to teachers in India as it marks the birthday of the greatest teacher India ever had, Dr. Radhakrishnan. This day is celebrated with joy and reverence across all schools.
Hand drawn cards or flowers make a great gift for every teacher. Kids specially meet their teacher on this day with the best of wishes and their hand drawn card. These are treasured and make every teacher feel special.

No teacher’s day celebration is complete without the kids wishing their teacher. So, grab the opportunity and teach your child about how to make a hand drawn greeting card for teacher.
It is simple. Just put some thoughts and gather creative ideas from your child. Combine all possible simple ideas and get to work. 

This is how you get involved in your kids activities. It allows you to spend at least 2-3 hours with your child.

Here are 2 simple ideas of making a hand drawn greeting card for your favourite teacher.

Hand drawn flower greeting card

Take a circular coin and draw about 5 circles on a thick paper. Fill the circles with color of your child’s choice. 

Once done, cut them and make paper coins. On a greeting card arrange the paper coins into a floral shape and stick then with glue.

teachers day greeting card

Draw a stem, add leaves and leave a personal message on the card.

Colourful handmade greeting card

This is another simple idea of filling the card with different colours. Draw slanting lines from one end to the other. Fill all the lines with bright colours. 

handmade greeting card

Stick your decorative cuttings of flowers/birds along with the personal message of best wishes.

Have you tried making greeting cards at home? Do share your ideas.

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