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Modhaka Recipe – Sweet Dumplings for Ganesha Chaturthi

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Now with the end of Krishna Janmashtami, we will be welcoming Ganesha chaturthi in the upcoming week. Ganesha chaturthi is one more Indian festival celebrated grandeur as the birth of Lord Ganesha. There is a practise of making a clay model of Lord Ganesha, perform rituals, offering naivedhya (food offered to god) and with devotion the clay model is dropped into water (visarjan).  The visarjan is followed differently in different parts of India like some follow the same night, some after 3 days and in some take a long stretch up to 10 days.

This was a brief description of the known festival, now our aim is only towards “stomach and tongue”. Festivals mean “delicious sweets”.  Modhaka /Modhak , a sweet dumpling of rice is commonly cooked around the nation during this occasion. Again, in different parts of India there are many recipes of modhaka. Let me show how this is prepared in south of Karnataka.

Modhaka Recipe – Sweet Dumplings for Ganesha Chaturthi


One cup rice (steam rice/dosa rice)
Half cup fresh grated coconut
Half cup jaggery
Cardamom pods (2 or 3)


Soak rice for 2 hours till rice gets softened. You can even soak overnight and prepare the batter next morning.

Collect half cup coconut grates. Now in a wet grinder, pour the soaked rice and coconut grates for grinding. The batter shoud be slightly heavier than dosa so keep a watch while adding water. You need not even make a fine paste of batter.  In general in comparision with dosa batter, modhaka batter should have medium thickness and slightly rough texture.

When the batter is grinded, add half cup jaggery , cardamom pods and a pinch of salt to the grinding mixture and allow to grind for few minutes so that they get blended well.

Remember do not add jaggery at the beginning as the batter becomes watery.

Pour the batter to a deep pan in low flame. Keep on stirring the batter, the batter becomes thick allowing you to form shape. Once the batter has reached the dumpling form switch off the flame and the mass dumpling is ready.

Modhaka Recipe – Sweet Dumplings for Ganesha Chaturthi

When your palm can bear the heat, form the cone shaped dumplings resembling modhaka.

Modhaka Recipe – Sweet Dumplings for Ganesha Chaturthi

Grease a wide vessel with ghee and place the small dumplings. Steam cook for 15 minutes and the modhaka is ready.

Serve sweet modhakas this Ganesha chaturthi as worship to Lord Ganesha.

Modhaka Recipe – Sweet Dumplings for Ganesha Chaturthi

The same can be prepared with rava/semolina. Roast semolina before forming batter and form coconut and jaggery paste. The rest remains to be same.

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