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How to make Instant Lemon Pickle?

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Pickles are the preserved food items and served as a condiment in Indian cuisine. We are really lucky to taste different unique flavoured pickles as Indian pickles vary at every region and are cooked from wide range of vegetables and fruits, spices and edible oils. From the list of Indian pickles, Lemon pickle is one the of easiest and simple.

There are different lemon pickle recipes, like either the fresh citrus fruit is blended with spices or the citrus fruit boiled with spices. In the first methodology you will have to wait for a month for the pickle to be ready, while in second way the pickle is instant ready.

How to make Lemon Pickle?

 Here is a recipe on instant lemon pickle.


10 medium sized lemons

10 green chillies

One bowl table salt or crystal salt


How to make Lemon Pickle?


Clean and wash lemon and green chilly.

Chop lemon quarterly and tiny chop the green chillies.

How to make Lemon Pickle?

In a vessel, add bowl full of salt and 1/2 cup water.  I have made use of crystal salt.

Boil water till salt dissolves. Salt does not dissolve completely as the water quantity is much lesser compared to amount of salt.

After about 5 to 6 minutes when half the amount of salt is dissolved, add the chopped lemon and green chillies to the boiling water.

The lemon spreads all its juice filling the entire vessel. Keep boiling till you find the lemon peels and green chillies boiled and turned brownish. This might take around 15 more minutes. Also the left out salt gets dissolved in lemon water.

How to make Lemon Pickle?

Add a pinch of turmeric while boiling; this is just to act as a colouring agent.

When the lemon is completely boiled, switch off the flame. Pour into an moist free glass bottle after cooling.
Do not panic when the boiled mixture is watery. Once it attains room temperature, it turns to be sticky and thick syrup. After the solution is thickened, your lemon pickle is perfect at this state.

How to make Lemon Pickle?

You can serve immediately or keeping it aside for 2 days tastes great.


1) Do not pour loads of water at the first step as it makes the pickle watery. Lemon releases enough citrus juice which is sufficient for further boiling. 

2) You can add ginger and asafoetida while boiling.

3) Store lemon pickle in an air tight glass container. Plastic bottles are unhygienic and unsafe for storing food.

4) Water spillage spoils the pickle causing fungal attacks.

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