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How to Wear Dhoti for Krishna Fancy Dress? - Video

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I cannot control myself writing on Krishna janmashtami J. The festival is nearing and arrangements are at the peak here.  The fact is we devotees want to enjoy and have fun at the name of Lord Krishna.

krishna costume - dhoti

Now the fancy dress materials are gathered and sweets are getting cooked, but many of us do not know how the Indian ethnic wear dhoti is worn.  That too if you are dressing your kid as Lord Shri Krishna then dhoti is the perfect costume. Most of us purchase the readymade designer dhotis but wearing it yourself is easy and comfortable.

 Below are few steps and a short video on wearing dhoti for your child. All you require is a soft silk cloth of your child’s favourite colour.

Steps to wear dhoti for your kid
  1. Spread the silk cloth wide
  2. From backwards, tie silk cloth around the waist.
  3. Tie a knot at the front (at the stomach). Let the knot be slightly at the right direction.
  4. Now you have two partitions of silk cloth at the center. Fold 4 to 5 fleets ( like saree) from the right hand side. And tuck up the cloth of the left hand side at back side.
  5. Again the fleet up the remaining cloth lying at the backside.
  6. Traditional dhoti is dressed perfectly. You can decorate some beaded chains around the waist.

Watch the video on how to wear dhoti.

I hope this video helps all mother's in dressing up their child in Krishna Fancy dress.

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