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Kesar Badam Shrikhand Recipe

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Basically Shrikhand is hung curd. Thick collected curd got after hanging it overnight is mixed with personal favourite flavours and whisked thoroughly to form a creamy textured curd.

hung curd sweet yogurt

Preparing shrikhand is very easy and simple. You will need one large bowl of curd, cardamom powder, saffron strands, sugar (as per your taste), almond pieces, and any more flavors if you wish to add.

hung curd for shrikhand

Take a big vessel. Place a thin cotton or muslin cloth on the vessel. Pour all the curd on this cloth. Leave this setting overnight so that all the whey gets drained. 

If you fear for the curd turning rancid, then keep these hanging curd setting in the refrigerator.
Next morning you will find all the whey collected in the vessel below.

how to hand curd for shrikhand recipe

The thick curd on the cloth can be scrapped out into a different bowl very easily. 

Soak 4-5 almonds in half cup hot milk. Also add saffron strands to this. You will see saffron releasing its flavour, essence and color. Allow the milk to cool. 

kesar badam milk flavour

Once the milk is cooled, you will find that the milk has kesar/saffron flavour. Also the almonds would have softened enough to remove its peel away.

Chop the almonds into tiny bits and add it back to the kesar milk. 

crushed badam for flavour

kesar badam milk indian dessert

This is the traditional kesar-badam milk we Indian love.

how to make shrikhand

Now, to the hung thick curd, add sugar, powdered elaichi and kesar-badam milk. Mix thoroughly. 

kesar badam shrikand recipe

shrikhand indian sweet

Beat the curd with a ladle or a spoon until it forms a blend of smooth cream like consistency.

Quick shrikhand recipe

Shrikhand is ready for serving.

Serve it chill as a dessert after lunch or dinner. You can also serve shrikhand along with puri or chapathi.

chapathi shrikhand puri shrikhand

shrikhand how to make

How thin or thick you want your shrikhand to be, is your personal choice.

It tastes best when it is thick and chill.

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