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World Famous Mysore Dasara - Must Do In Mysore During Dasara

If you are a travel freak or hold interest in traditions and customs of different places, then Mysore is one must visit place for all.

Mysore Palace Illumination Dasara

Tourists of all class and categories visit here round the year. Dasara is the time when the city is filled with crazy people looking for unique festival celebration.

Ever wondered why Dasara is so world-famous? There are numerous reasons to love everything about the city and its royalty. The preparations for the celebrations begin at least 2 months earlier.

If you have been waiting to see something special in Mysore, then this is the chance for you to pounce upon.

What to look for in Mysore during Dasara

Mysore Dasara was called as Nada Habba (State Festival) by the Wodeyars. The name given was a complete justice to the royal festival celebrations.

If you are at Mysore during the 10 days of Dasara, then the experience is unique. You can roam around until you drop, yet you wouldn’t have seen all that needs your attention.

Here is a list of things which you should definitely do while in Mysore during Dasara days.

Practising/Training the Elephants for Jumbo Savari

Just wander around the wide roads of Mysore. You will get to see the line of elephants walking in great royalty and pride through the busy roads of Mysore amidst the traffic. It is the practice session for the elephants and horses for the soon arriving grand procession on Vijayadashami. 

Elephants practising for Jumbo Sawari Mysore

Horse Riding Policemen in Myosore

Jumbo Savari is the main attraction and people from far away visit Mysore.

Decoarted Amba Vilas, the Royal Mysore Palace

The royal palace Amba Vilas gets highly decorated. The beauty of the palace lightings and illumination is beyond any words. 

Mysore Palace Illumination Dasara

The beautiful ornate stage in front of the palace will be set for artists to perform as a part of Dasara Celebration. Famous artists and celebrities are invited for performing.

Dasara Cultural Entertainment

Dasara Street Lightings

The roads are jewelled too. The light hangings from the tree make everything more royal. The vintage old charm in the circles and heritage buildings is well retained.

Dasara Street LightingDasara Street Lighting 2015

Mysore Pak at Guru Sweets

One should not miss the chance of visiting Guru Sweets. 

Guru Sweet Mart Mysore

This was where Mysore Paka took birth. This family has been preparing and serving the traditional sweet ‘Mysore Pak’ to the royal family of Wodeyars of Mysore. The tradition continues until this generation.

Chitra Santhe – Painting/Art Exhibition

Chitra Santhe, literally means The Market Place of Pictures. 

Chitra Santhe Mysore 2015

Mysore is a great place for artists and art lovers as Dasara is the chance to exhibit, sell, buy, promote, and encourage everything about paintings and other form of art.

Flower Show

Flower Show at Kuppanna Park is the hard work of caring and arranging of the flowering plants and vegetables. 

Flower show mysore dasara 2015

Book exhibition finds its place in one of the many parks in Mysore.

Doll Exhibition at Bombe Mane

Bombe Mane is another beautiful attraction for people who love to collect dolls. Dasara is always connected with arrangement of dolls. Bombe Mane is a place where you get to admire the ideas of doll sets and the beauty involved in doll making and decorating. The clay dolls are great pieces of attraction and.

Bombe Mane Doll Exhibition 2015
Bombe Mane Doll Exhibition 2015, Dolls for sale

Natives of Mysore observe the traditions of 5 or 9 step doll arrangements at home. Eventually they invite friends and relatives home for flaunting their decoration and follow with a grand Dussehra Party.

Doll arrangment for Navaratri
 Doll arrangment for Navaratri at home

Dasara Exhibition

The famous Mysore Dasara Exhibition is what one can expect every year at the Exhibition Ground. 

The large area of the ground is reserved for the exhibition and entertainments and it runs for several months even after Dasara.

Msore Dasara Exhibition Grounds
Msore Dasara Exhibition Grounds

Buy wood toys, home decor items, hand crafts, fancy jewelleries, cotton bed sheets and other handloom items.


What do you want to take back with you? Glass or clay bangles, silk, wooden toys, handicrafts, sandalwood items, clay dolls of royal members and royal service men, the list is never ending.

wood toys shopping in mysore

So, what are you waiting for? Few days left for the final show of Mysore Dasara. Plan your Mysore travel itinerary soon. This year of 2015 will witness Dasara with the new scion of the royal family, Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wodeyar.

Happy Navratri.

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