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Gudanna / Bella Anna / Jaggery Syrup Rice Recipe for Indian Festivals

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Gud Anna or Bella Anna is Jaggery Syrup Rice, the traditional rice dessert.

The recipe is basically rice mixed in boiling jaggery syrup along with dry fruits and ghee.
The aroma and stickiness that jaggery brings to this recipe is the specialty. It smells very good and when topped with ghee and cardamom it spreads more aroma around the house.

gudanna bella anna recipe

Gudanna is specially made during festivals in South India (read Udupi) and offered to god during puja. It is then served as puja prasada amongst guests and family members.

You will need

1 cup rice
1 cup jaggery
4 spoon ghee
One fist full of cashew nut pieces
Cardamom powder for flavour
Grated dry coconut 

How to make Gudanna Prasada

Cook 1 cup of rice with sufficient water. Drain the water and keep the rice aside for cooling.

Heat little amount of ghee in a pan and add cashew nut pieces along with it. Fry the cashew nut until it turns golden brown. Set the ghee roasted cashew aside. We will use it later.

traditional rice dessert recipe

Now, take a wide thick bottom wok. Add 1 cup jaggery and melt it under low flame. Keep stirring so that it does not stick to the bottom. Avoid adding water. When the jaggery melts completely it will form a sticky syrup like consistency.  

how to make jaggery syrup

To this jaggery syrup, add rice and stir well. Add one spoon of ghee. And mix well.

Do not stop stirring.

Add roasted cashew, cardamom powder and dried grated coconut. Add more ghee and stir.

jaggery syrup rice recipe

Keep the flame low and continue stirring until all of the jaggery is absorbed by rice.

gudanna recipe

Transfer to a fresh clean bowl and offer it to god during puja.This is recipe of Guda-anna is specially made during the festivals of goddess.

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