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Broken Wheat Pieces Pudding – Navaratri Special Recipe Day 7

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There is a huge list of sweets that can be prepared during the festive season. Indians have sweet tooth by birth. Thus, every sweet or dessert made at home is everybody’s favourite.

godhi kane payasa

Today we present you the most easiest of all the payasa. Broken wheat pieces payasa.

You will need
One cup broken pieces of wheat

wheat pieces cut

Half litre milk
One cup jaggery
One fist full of cashew nut pieces.
One spoon cardamom powder

How to prepare pudding from broken pieces of wheat

Soak wheat pieces in warm water for one hour.
In a pressure cooker, cook the wheat pieces with some water. 

boiled whole wheat pieces

Add milk, cashew nut and jaggery along with boiled wheat and heat well until jaggery dissolves.

how to prepare wheat pudding

You will get the aroma of the boiling jaggery. Switch off the flame at this point and top it with fresh homemade ghee. Add cardamom powder and mix well.

dessert recipes south indian

godhi kane payasa

Serve hot payasa.

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