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Appi Payasa - Navaratri Special Sweet Recipe Day 3

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Continuing with the series of payasams, today we bring you the most delicious payasa of all that are available – Appi Payasa which is also called as Happala Payasa and somethime Puri Payasa.
But Appi Payasa is the apt name for this special sweet.

If you are familiar with the recipes of Shivalli Brahmins of Udupi, then you will know how this payasa tastes.

appi payasa for navratri

Let us see how Appi Payasa is prepared.

You will need
·        1 cup chiroti rava
·         Water
·         Salt (for taste)
·         Ghee for deep frying
·         1 litre milk
·         Sugar (for taste)
·         Saffron strands
·         Cashew and almond pieces
·         Cardamom powder

How to prepare Appi Payasa

Heat milk in a wide thick bottom pan. Once the milk boils, simmer the flame and continue boiling so that it reduces to ¾ th the original quantity. Keep stirring at short regular intervals.

Mean while, add little water to chiroti rava and make stiff dough. Make tiny lemon sized balls of the dough. With a rolling pin, roll the balls flat like a chapathi or papad.

papad for appi payasa

Make cutting impressions on the rolled out papad.

happala pieces for appi payasa

Now, heat ghee in a pan and deep fry the pieces of the chiroti rava papad. Allow the fried papad 
pieces to cool for some time.

tukdi for preparing appi payasa

Do not forget to keep stirring the milk you have been boiling for some time now. Once the milk reduces to 3/4th quantity of the original quantity, add cardamom powder, saffron strands, cashew nut pieces, almond pieces and sugar. Allow it to boil for few minutes.

condensed milk for appi payasa

Now, add the papad pieces to the pan of boiling milk and stir well.

how to prepare appi payasa

Switch off the flame and allow cooling. The papad pieces will absorb some amount of milk and the whole preparation will thicken to some extent.

appi payasa for navratri

This is the king of payasams. This traditional sweet of Karnataka is a must taste for all sweet lovers.

Happy Navaratri.

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