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5 Cup Milk Pudding Recipe - Vermicelli, Semolina, Dry Coconut Grates, Cashewnuts, Jaggery

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India has a never exhausting list of recipes of sweets and desserts. Once in a while forget all your diet, especially during the festive season. Festivals are always a grand invite for loads of celebrations with homemade sweets.

Here is a recipe of another easy and simple dessert made of milk.

vermicelli semolina coconut  kheer

This involved 5 cups of ingredients (vermicelli, semolina, dry coconut grates, jaggery & cashew/dry fruits) boiled in thick unskimmed milk.

You will need

1 cup fine semolina,
1 cup vermicelli,
1 cup dry coconut grates,
1 cup cashew nut pieces or mixed dry fruits,
1 cup jaggery,
1 litre milk,
2 spoon cardamom powder

vermicelli semolina coconut  kheer ingredients

How to prepare 5 cup milk pudding

Heat milk in a thick bottomed vessel. When it boils, lower the flame and continue boiling so that it thickens. Stir continuously so that it doesn’t get burnt.

homemade condensed milk

Mean while, in a pressure cooker dry roast semolina, vermicelli, coconut grates and cashew nut/dry fruits. Optionally you may even add a spoon full of homemade ghee.

Once roasted sufficiently, add some milk (if needed, water too) and cook under pressure for just 1 or 2 whistles.

vermicelli semolina coconut  kheer indian sweets

Transfer these to the vessel in which milk is boiling.

Add jaggery and let it melt. Once jaggery too begins to boil, you will know by the aroma it spreads.

condensed milk for pudding recipe

Now, add cardamom powder and switch off the flame.

vermicelli semolina coconut  kheer

This is an amazingly delicious milk pudding you can serve your guests. This taste great if chilled before serving.

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