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What to Prepare for Navaratri/Vijayadashmi

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Festivals are a great treat for ladies and young girls in India. Shopping for festive clothes and many other things happen in full swing. The list for shopping is endless.

Navaratri, Deepawali, Holi, Karvachauth, Teej, Ganesh Chathurthi, Krishna Janmashthami, and many more festivals bring a lot of excitement in the air. The preparations begin at least a month prior to the festival.

Today, we list down what to prepare for Navaratri festival. The last day of Vijayadashami holds great importance.


Clothes of course hold a very important place when it is the celebration of any festival. As per South Indian traditions, choose a beautiful bright silk saree with gold zari border. How wide a border the saree has is as per your choice.

sarees for navratri

Bring out different varieties of silk for each day. Simple cotton silk, kanjeevaram silk, mysore silk, temple border silk, embroidery border silk, plain solid color silk saree; there are so many to choose from.

Patte langa which is a traditional pleated lehenga stitched from silk piece of cloth is the common attire for little girls.

And young teenage girls prefer wearing half saree with beautiful dupattas along.


Festivals are incomplete without jewelleries. Navaratri is a great occasion to unleash all the beauty of your ancestral and modern jewelleries.

lakshmi design jewellers

Indian festival jewellers

diamond ring for navratri

Antique temple design jewelleries in gold are the recent trend with silk sarees. Diamonds, pearls, rubies, navaratna stone jewellery, all of these matches very well with the traditional ethnic outfit.


Indians are foodies round the clock throughout the year. The variety of recipes available from different parts if the country is the proof.

navratri recipes

Pies/puddings/payasas are a great treat during Navaratri. Prepare different variety of sweets every other day.


floral decor indian festival

navratri home decoration

Floral decorations are great to have in and around the house. They add great aroma and divine look to the festive atmosphere.


light decoration for navratri

When the entire city is illuminated with colourful lights, why not decorate your house with decorative lights.

Sparkling color lights add a great beauty to the decoration.


Rangoli is a way to welcome home all the guests. It is a very unique form of art practised throughout the country. 

traditional rangoli designs


rangoli sticker

Rangoli designs made from white powder and other colour fillings are traditional way of decorating the entrance of the house. Prepare a design and finalize on the color combination. Within the house, plastic rangoli designs and rangoli stickers are a best way to decorate.


Navaratri, Vijayadashami – Dasara holds a great tradition of arranging gombes (clay dolls).

dusshera doll arrangement

navratri doll arrangement theme

Arranging dolls according to a theme is a common practice - dashavatara’s of Lord Vishnu, a typical market place, vegetable seller, mythological stories, marriage ceremony of raja and rani, and many similar themes.

Carefully bring out all your existing mud/clay dolls for the step arrangement. 

dusshera clay dolls

Also if you plan for a new theme, buy suitable dolls as per your need.

This tradition of gombe arrangement is passed on to next generation.

Invite your friends and relatives for a great view of the entire festive look at your home. Serve your guests the great recipes prepared by you at home. Dress yourself up in the finest look you ever adorned. Not to miss to pair with your favourite jewelleries.

Happy Dusshera.

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