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Paintings and Art Exhibition - Chitra Santhe Mysore 2015

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Chitra Santhe in Mysore organized by VishwaManava Vidyarthi Yuva Vedike – Karnataka was held on 18 Oct 2015, Sunday.

This art exhibition conducted yearly is an attempt to elevate general awareness about art in people. It is a way to encourage artists who dedicate their entire time and life to art.

chitra santhe mysore

Chitra Santhe aims at exhibiting and selling paintings and other art work at affordable rates. This exhibition if a platform to popularize the paintings and artists. Talent gets recognized and upcoming artists are encouraged.

Visitors get a very unique experience at this exhibition. Chitra Santhe literally means Market of Pictures/Paintings

One gets to see various form of art here. Warli art painting, oil painting, acrylic painting, kinnala painted wooden art, modern art, traditional painting, realistic photo painting, still life paintings, portraits, wildlife painting, inlay wooden art, and lot more.

This time, the exhibition has been organized during Navratri/Dasara in Mysore to attract more visitors.

Here are few glimpses of the recently held Chitra Santhe. Admire and enjoy.

Chitra Santha Mysore 2015

street art exhibition Mysore2015

painting exhibition mysore dasara 2015

beautiful lady oil painting

flower & landscape oil painting

Below are few paintings (oil medium) depicting the typical village life in India. Marvellous ! You will agree.

village life oil paintings

india temple oil painting

village oil painting india

village oil painting india2

village oil painting india3

Great respect and appreciation to this artist who seems to have sat in the temple premises  to paint them. Beautiful oil paintings of temple in Karnataka.

oil paintings of karnataka temple

Somebody asked for the price, and he replied 'Rs. 25,000' .

temple oil painting

bharatnatyam dancer oil painting

bull oil painting

Warli art painting is usually done by tribal groups of people in India to simply express joy, happiness, wedding, celebrations and many other happenings of life.

Warli Tribal Art

wall paintings oil paintings

 This was another artist whose every single work was excellent. People always surrounded his work.

beautiful oil paintings india

classical oil painting india

desert life india painting

lord balaji oil painting

oil painting ideas1

oil painting ideas2

oil painting ideas3

oil painting ideas4

portrait oil paintings

sachin tendulkar oil painting

south india temple oil painting

still life oil painting

taj mahal oil painting

temple south india painting

tiger wildlife oil painting

traditional painting oil painting

wild life lion oil painting

wildlife oil painting

 Kinnala Art is basically painted wooden art mainly from northern parts of Karnataka. The art originated during the Vijayanagara Empire. The artisans moved after the devastating war of 1565 AD. They settled in nearby villages and their art flourished in the villages. The village was named after the art of Kinhal.

kinnala wooden art, kinnala wooden art table 

kinnala art painted wooden art

Hampi Stone Chariot oil painting

belur darpana sundari oil painting
 Belur Temple Darpana Sundari oil painting

buddha oil painting

hampi historical structure oil painting
Hampi Historical Structure oil painting

Varanasi Ghat painting
Varanasi - Oil painting

market place oil painting idea

oil paintings india

abstract paintings oil paintings

ancient indian temples oil paintings

oil painting indian ancient oil painting

ganesha abstract paintings

beautiful paintings oil medium

vintage cars oil paintings
 vintage cars and bike on canvas.

Coffee painting, painting art made by mixing coffee in different amount of mixture.

coffee painting art

 a  monochromatic painting made by using coffee powder.

paintings on dried leaves
paintings on dried leaves

pot painting with stones
decorative pot paintings and handicrafts

baby krishna painting
baby krishna painting

traditional emotional oil painting

modern art oil painting

modern art oil painting3

 There was this young artist named Mr.Gangadhar who considered painting and art as meditation. And that was proved in his work. His paintings (mostly oil) was close to the realisitic photographs.

No Photography, was what the staff at this section said to all the visitors with camera. Yet, I somehow managed to capture a couple of his paintings from far away.

realistic lion oil painting
 This lion on the canvas costs INR 1,20,000. 

realistic peacock oil painting

Wood inlay work of Mysuru, a beautiful art of inlaying different woods and other natural materials.

inlay wooden art india

beautiful indian inlay wooden handicraft

henna art mehendi designs

face sketching artists

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