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10 Quick Mehendi Designs for Kids

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Who does not like to get adorned with henna designs on their hands? There is no age limit for applying henna; from little girls to teenage girls, from new brides to middle aged ladies and even old ladies; everyone likes mehendi. 

The dark brown color stain it leaves behind on the skin is beautiful to watch.

simple henna designs for kids

Here we have few free hand designs of mehendi for applying for little girls.

Simple circular spotty dots make the little hands cuter.

best henna designs for kids

A circular collection of dots and spikes makes the design cute of the little palm. If you fill the little fingers with more dots and spikes, then the entire palm is going to be interesting.

best mehendi designs for kids

kids simple henna designs

This is another simple design where you just have to apply dots in a neat manner. A big circular dot at the centre and tiny dots to decorate around the big central dot. Repeat this dot fashion again and again to cover the entire palm.

easy henna designs for kids

quick henna designs for kids

For this type of design, make a circular dot neatly in your favourite pattern. Then, clean the tip of the mehendi cone. Using the cone tip, carefully pull the dots in the outward direction making a small line.

henna designs for kids

This design resembles the image of the sun with his rays spreading far away. Kids will find such designs interesting.

Some more designs to quickly apply on your kids hands.

kids simple mehendi designs

mehendi designs for girls

mehendi for kids

Dots are the best way to decorate kid’s hands. Kids can never stay in one place without shaking. And it might get really difficult to apply henna neatly. Spotty designs come very handy while applying henna for kids.

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