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Patanjali Mango Candy Review

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Patanjali has several varieties of candies that are good for health and help satisfy your hunger pangs.
These candies are so tempting that you will never be able to stop in just few bites. The taste is the catching point in their candy packs.

Read review of amla candy, bel andy, gulkand. They have a lot of health products.

mango candy patanjali

A few weeks ago we tried patanjali mango candy. It is basically pieces of mango which seems to be dipped in sugar syrup and dried under sunlight.

Price: Rs.55 for 250 g

Like all other candies, this mango candy too is not suitable for diabetic patients.

Frankly reviewing this candy is not easy and it might not sound sane to people who already love dried mangoes.

patanjali mango candy review

patanjali mango candy nutritional facts

For us, it turned out to be extremely hard in chewing. Finishing even one small piece which I popped into my mouth became a big pain. It is soft, but it will not melt down nor does it disintegrate even on repeatedly chewing.

The pack of 250 g of patanjali mango candy is left as it is, and i guess will find its way to trash very soon in my house now.

Candy products vary so much, that too when they are all from the same brand.

We love their amla candies, the sweet one and also the chatpata one. But mango candy became a huge disappointment for all of us. 

Taste wise too, it feels too much sugary and the real taste of the mango gets hidden with the overpowering sweet taste.

mango candy patanjali

Recommended: No. If you are fine with repeated chewing until the candy dissolves and can be swallowed, then go ahead and try one pack initially. You might form a different opinion from that of mine. So, the choice is up to you.

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