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150 Sand Sculptures that Narrate Stories in Mysore

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Art can take form out of no-where and any-where. One living example is the sand artist from Mysore, M.N.Gowri. Give her some wet sand and she will narrate a story out of it.

Sculpting the heap of wet sand from top to bottom is a great skill and the talent is beyond any match.
Do you remember when was the last time you built those little sand castles at the beach? Not really clear, right? But this aspiring sand artist has held on to sand, molded it with some water and gone on to create massive structure.

Sand museum mysore tourist spot

She is the creator of the Sand Museum situated on the Chamundi Hill Main Road in Mysore.
Charged with an entrance ticket of Rs.40 for adults and Rs.20 for children, this is yet another must see place in Mysore. None would leave Mysore without visiting the temple atop the most sacred hill of Chamundi. These sand sculptures lie by the road side just beneath the hill. So, it would not consume much time in searching or travelling to the venue.

Our suggestion is even though you are not an ardent art lover; you must make it a point to see how heaps of sand have been sculpted into beautiful narration. And as for art lovers, one can spend hours staring at the compressing and engraving done in every creation. Every face made here holds that aesthetic beauty.

Let the pictures speak about this great talent, although they are no match to visualizing the sculptures in real life.

Ticketed entrance

The entrance displays the media coverage of the art and the artist. The glimpse of what lies within the tent is displayed in a large banner.

sand museum artist gowri from mysore

Timings: 8.30 AM to 6.30 PM

Rates: Rs.40 (adults) and Rs.20 (children)

The entire work was done in 4 months time span. The work needed about 115 truckloads of sand. 
The 150 sand sculptures are covered in 16 different themes.

Mysore Dasara Ambari

Mysore Dasara Ambari Procession - sand museum

Islamic Culture

Islamic culture - sand museum mysore

Islamic culture - mysore sand museum

Islamic culture sand sculpture mysore

Marine Life

marine life sand sculpture 1

marine life sand sculpture 2

marine life sand sculpture 3

marine life sand sculpture 4

Disney Land

Disney Land sand sculpture mysore

Vintage Car

Vintage Car Sand Sculpture

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddla Mysore Sand Museum

Christmas Tree & Santa Claus

Christmas Tree & Santa Claus sand sculpture

Ancient Civilization & Tribes of the World

ancient civilization sand sculpture

tribal people - sand art

tribe people - sand art

Mahabharath War – Krishna & Arjuna on the Chariot

Mahabharath War - sand museum mysore

Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar seated on the Throne during Navaratri

Srikanthadatta Wodeyar on throne - sand sculptor

Love the royal look. Damn perfect.

Eco Friendly Ganesha

Eco friendly Ganesha Sand Museum Mysore

Horror World

horror world at sand museum mysore

A Romantic Scene

romantic scene at mysore sand museum

The Zodiac Wheel

The Zodiac Wheel Mysore sand museum

Save Wildlife

save wildlife1

This is the best section amongst all. The beauty, calmness, ferociousness and the innocence can be seen so clearly in the animals.

save wildlife2

save wildlife3

save wildlife4

save wildlife5

save wildlife6

save wildlife7

save wildlife8

save wildlife9

Devi Chamundeshwari

Devi Chamundeshwari- Mysore Sand Museum

Visit the spot in person and feel the tales that the sand tells.

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