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10 Amazing Glass Bottle Painting Designs & Ideas

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People who are true handimaniacs keep looking for old unused materials at home and always come up with creative ideas of decor items.
Glass bottles or any jars can make great decor items around the house. You can revamp the look of the bottle in the way it will influence your interiors. 

wine bottle painting

Spraying glitter paints, filling bright neon colors using a syringe from within the bottle, beautiful designs and patterns, wrapping strings or yarns partially or completely, attaching confetti or any other fancy items, covering the bottle with balloons; there are several ways of recycling your old ordinary jars.

Here are few wonderful ideas of glass bottle painting designs.

bottle painting ideas india

bottle painting

glass bottle decor ideas

glass bottle painting

grape bunch decor glass bottle

peacock feather painting on glass bottle

wine glass bottle painting

paint dabbing glass bottle

leaf imprints glass bottle painting

glass bottle decoration ideas

All these beautiful bottles were a part of art and handicrafts exhibition cum state level competition displayed during the dasara-2015 at the exhibition gallery in Mysore.

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