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DIY – How to Make Kids Puzzle Games

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The collection of toys gets so huge in every house hold that they are thrown in to every corner of the house carelessly.

Why do kids get bored of their toys very soon? Every now and then kids keep demanding for new set of play toys. If you learn to make your own toy at home, then there will be a constant supply of new toys for your child. 

make at home kids toys

Here is one simple method of preparing a puzzle game. Puzzle game is basically arranging the set of pieces in order to make a complete picture.

Here are few steps to make a puzzle game set.

You will need: print outs of the images of your child’s choice, chart paper, scissors, marker pen, glue.

DIY Puzzles kids game

Take print out of your child’s favorite cartoon characters or anything else which your child is crazy about.

Some kids are crazy about cars and bikes. So choose the images accordingly.

kids puzzle game how to

Stick on to chart paper for stiffness.

how to make kids toys

Once done, cut them into pieces, 4 or 6 pieces according to your choice.

at home DIY puzzle set

make at home kids toys

Your home made puzzles are ready for play.

The benefit of homemade puzzles pieces is that once these images become boring, you can always prepare with some other image print outs.

Do try this easy homemade toy for your kids.

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