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Try These 8 Udupi Cuisines In Combination With Mango Rasayana | Pudding

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The season of Mangoes is still ON in full swing. This seasonal fruit makes us wait for its arrival so desperately.

The chilled mango lassi, mango shrikand, mango kulfi, mango milk shake, mango pudding, the more you try to recall all the mango recipes, the more the list goes on.

Mango Rasayana is one of the traditional preparations of Udupi and nearby coastal areas of Mangalore. And there are several other Udupi special recipes that can be served along with Mango Rasayana (Kukku Rasayana as it is locally called in Tulu language). 

rasayana and dishes combination

Mango pulp mixed with coconut milk and jaggery (if needed) is the basic way of preparing Mango Rasayana.

Mango Rasayana can be relished alone in a bowl. Adding tiny bits of ripe banana adds great taste.

rasayana - mango pie recipe

Apart from enjoying it all alone, there are various combinations it can had with. Some of the combinational foods for which Mango Rasayana serves as a side dish are worth trying.

Here are few of the authentic delicacies of Udupi with which you can serve a bowl of mango rasayana.


puri rasayana mango special recipe

This is one of the unique combinations. Puri with aroma filled typical Indian sabjis is commonly served. But, you will find it interesting with Mango & Banana Rasayana.


mango rasayana chapathi

Come season of mangoes, begins the daily servings of Chapathi with Rasayana.


kadubu kukku rasayana

Kadubu as it is traditionally called in Udupi (in the language of Tulu) tastes as same as Idli. The only difference is the shape. What is in the shape! Serve idlis/kadubu with yummy Mango Rasayan.


Dosa with kukku rasayana

When you spread Mango Rasayana on hot dosa, the feel is very different. The taste is different too. No one will be able to stop at one dosa.

Neer Dose Rasayana

neerdose with rasayana

Neeru dose, the softest of all dosas is better with sweetened side dishes than spicy cutney. Mango Rasayana is the best combination one can think of along with Neer Dose.


rice shevige and rasayana

Shamige, which is filled with the aroma of coconut is an excellent main course food for people in Udupi and Mangalore. But Shamige and Mango Rasayana is a very rare combination which people hardly know about.


Avalakki (in Kannada) is Beaten Rice or Ooha (as in Hindi). Thin, medium or thick beaten rice, which ever you like; a bowl full if beaten rice and mango rasayana is a great filler. It makes a healthy serving to satisfy your hunger prangs.

Thin poha can be used directly and instantly along with rasayana. But medium and thick beaten rice needs washing and soaking in warm water. Once the beaten rice bloasts up and softens, it is ready to be enjoyed with rasayana.

So, now, what are you waiting for? Start trying these combo foods with rasyana, one every day before this mango season is over.

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