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Raw Jackfruit Chips Recipe South Indian Snack

Deep fried jack fruit chips are most tempting during snack time. This is a very popular South Indian snack, deep fried yet healthy.

If you find a raw jackfruit that is fully grown and about to ripe (but not yet ripened), then it is the right candidate for preparing chips.

Jackfruit Chips Crispy Crunchy Snack

Here is how you can prepare Jackfruit Chips. It is crucnhy, crispy, salty and tasty. Jackfruit Chips is the best thing ever you can imagine munching while you are sipping your hot tea.


Matured Raw Jackfruit
Oil for deep frying.
Salt for sprinklinh

How to prepare Raw Jack Fruit Chips:

Cutting the raw jackfruit requires lot of strength and patience. At the beginning spread sheets of paper/old newspaper in the kitchen to avoid mess on the kitchen tiles.

How to cut Raw Jackfruit:

Cut half the raw jackfruit at the centre using a heavy sharp knife. Cut half the two halves again at the centre to make smaller pieces. You will find white sticky gum oozing out. 

Now grease your hands (also the knife if needed) with coconut oil to avoid sticking of heavy gum to your hands. 

Some jackfruits have unmanageable stickiness, in such cases rub as much as gum with newspaper/kitchen tissue.

Raw Jack Fruit Chips Recipe:

Remove the white strips and separate flesh of jackfruit. Deseed the jackfruit pods.

Using the sharp knife slit the jackfruit pods into thing stands. Remember the slits should be thin to make crispy chips; thicker slits get softened after deep frying.  

Meanwhile prepare concentrated salt water solution.

Once the slices are ready, heat coconut oil/refined oil in a pan for deep frying. Coconut oil gives the traditional authentic taste to the chips.

Raw Jackfruit Chips Recipe

When the oil has attained frying temperature add handful of slices for frying. Simmer the flame to avoid burning.

When the slices are half boiled, add spoonful of salt water to oil. Let the jackfruit slices fry till they turn golden yellow.

Transfer them to clean kitchen tissue after they turn to crispy golden yellow strips.

Jackfruit Chips South Indian Snack

Jackfruit chips are ready for crunching. Store them in air tight container to avoid softening. If you can prepare enough stock so that it lasts for the rainy days, it will be a great thing to enjoy.

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