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Moha Herbal Soap – Neem Basil Aloe Review

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I have special kind of thing in me towards these so called Ayurvedic, organic, herbal soaps with natural ingredients.

They smell divine. You will agree only if you have used any one of these kind.

I have always liked the soaps from Kama Ayurveda, Soulflower, Vedic Line, Lass Naturals, Lush, similar ones.

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Today we have the review of a great smelling soap, Moha Herbal Soap, which is highly moisturizing on the skin and leaves the user with a lovely pampered feel.

Charak Moha Soap Review price

Moha, as it is one of the ranges from Charak which includes many personal care products made naturally.

Price: Rs.68 for 100 g

Package: As most of the bath soaps are packed, Moha Herbal Soap comes in a paper cardboard carton which protects the soap from coming in contact with water and melting down.

Moha Soap Neem Basil Aloe

Fragrance: This is one aspect that anyone would want to buy the soap again and again. The smell is heavenly. It is not like those fancy kind of floral or fruity scent.

The soap includes neem, basil and aloe oils as main ingredients. The fragrance has a touch of herbal and ayurvedic properties in it, but it does not smell anything bitter or medicine like.

Nature/Texture/Moisturizing Power: It has all natural moisturizing ingredients which makes the soap creamy when used on wet skin. The creamy soap lathers in the right quantity needed. The soap is easy to wash off.

Moha herbal soap india

Importantly, it does not make the skin dry. Rather the oils present in the soap makes the skin soft while it cleanses effectively too.

The oils of Neem, Basil and Aloe make sure that the skin is free from any kind of infections and irritations.

Moha soap price ingredients

The only downside I have observed is that you should keep the soap as dry as possible after using it. It melts down very easily.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation: Highly recommended. For a natural skin care herbal bath and skin pampering experience, try Moha Herbal Soap. It is a budget friendly Ayurvedic product.This has been my best friend throughout the summer.

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