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Homemade Postpartum Body Care Oil

Postpartum is a period just after child birth where the fresh mother and new born require high attention. The first 40 days are the most sensitive days for the mother to recuperate and a newborn bonding to establish breast feeding.

In India Postpartum care is a tradition where a women is taken care by her mother or any elderly females. Even though the customs and caring methods differ from region to region, the basic practices remain the same.

homemade postpartum massage oil

Diet , nutrition, oil massages and warm baths for the new mother are highly important during postpartum care.

Here is an homemade body oil used for body massages post delivery.

Remember : Since the oil is prepared for postpartum care hygiene should be taken care to avoid infections . Always use fresh ingredients and clean containers for preparation.


Black cumin seeds
Coconut oil

homemade body oil massage


1) For half litre coconut oil, you will require one spoon turmeric and one spoon black cumin seeds.
2) In a deep pan heat black cumin seeds and turmeric for one minute and pour coconut oil to the pan.

DIY black cumin massage oil

3) Allow the oil to boil till you find bubbles. When the oil has attained boiling temperature switch off the flame.
4) Allow oil for cooling. Once cooled filter the residue and transfer to an air tight bottle to avoid moisture contact.

turmeric black jeera massage oil

5) Postpartum body care oil is ready.

Importance of the Ingredients:

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is an excellent nurturing oil for skin. It reduces stretch marks from the pregnant belly, acts as a natural moisturiser and cools the skin. It gets easily absorbed by the skin when poured hot water and heals the skin wounds.

Turmeric:  Skin post delivery is easily attacked to allergies and infections.Turmeric is an wonderful antiseptic which keeps away allergies, skin infections and rashes.

Black Cumin seeds: Black cumin seeds are antibacterial and anti-fungal in nature. Also it helps to shrink the excess skin and fat after delivery, wipes and prevents scars on wounds.

black jeera skin benefits

Body massages from this homemade oil during the first 40 days or 3 months before hot bath relaxes the tired body and is supplies all its benefits.

The same oil can be used even for baby oil massages for the same benefits. You can dilute it by adding more of coconut oil while boiling.

postpartum body massage oil

Since the oil is homemade, it is free from preservatives and artificial ingredients. Avoid moisture contact to keep away from fungal attack.

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