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Big Rangoli Designs for Festive and Special Occasions

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‘Rangoli’ is an Indian art that shows vibrant beautiful colourful designs made from fine sand/flour that are dyed in colours.

Every special occasion sees the décor with gorgeous rangoli designs.

Though making rangoli designs takes some amount of practice and effort, it is a great talent that is nurtured and appreciated in India. It is a sign of welcoming.

Here are few of the beautiful designs that are large and perfect for festive occasions or wedding décor.

Some dotted, while some are freehand designs, most of the rangoli designs ever done are versatile in nature.

rangoli design for wedding decor

large colorful rangoli design

circular rangoli design

colorful rangoli design

beautiful rangoli for diwali

spiral rangoli design

large rangoli for festival

festive rangoli designs

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