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Easy Recipe to Make Stovetop Popcorn at Home

Cinema, birthday party, a casual kids party at home (Bachcha Party as we call it in Hindi), friends get together for chatting; the common thing we do is munch something together.

Popping popcorns is a great idea. It can be made in few minutes and is just the right thing to pop into the mouth. The crispy crunchy sound gets along with the noise we/kids make too.

popcorn at home

Popping a corn is just easy. Try this simple method of preparing a salty buttery popcorn.

Heat a thick bottomed cooker/pan/wok or any other wide vessel. The basic rule is, the vessel should withstand high heat and prevent corns from being burnt.

unsalted cooking butter

When the pan is hot enough, add 2 large dollops of butter.

Home made butter

Salted or unsalted butter – choice is yours. If you use unsalted cooking butter, you might have to sprinkle some salt on the popcorn later for better taste.

The butter will melt immediately. Shake the pan and make sure the butter moves all over greasing every bit of the pan.

how to make popcorn at home

Now, add just 2 corns onto the melted butter. Wait until atleast one of the corn opens out with that pretty big pop sound.

how to make popcorn at home

It will look amazing like a fully bloomed flower.

easy popcorn recipe

Now, add more corns to the pan. Make sure you spread across the entire pan making just one layer of corn throughout.

How to make stovetop popcorn

Close the lid. Adjust the flame as needed.

Easy stovetop popcorn

You will see them all popping and jumping like crazy. The constant pop sound is fun too.

Add spices, chilli powder, pepper, dried herbs, or any flavor you want to your popcorn to be.

How to Make Popcorn on Stove

Making popcorn at home is great fun. Give it a try as it is just easy and simple, just like a child’s play.

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