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The Mango Season is Not Yet Over…Why Not Try Mango Kulfi Before The Season Ends !

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The season of mangoes and summer coincide in India. For foodies, mango season offers sweet, savoury and spicy treats that are prepared as part of various cuisines both in its ripe and raw form.

There are so many options to keep your sweet tooth satiated, if you are one extensive sweet lover.

While the mango season starts during early March, the yield mostly enters the fruit market by mid or last week of April. The peak season being end of April to end of June, there are some parts in India where mangoes are found until at least mid of August.

how o make mango kulfi

So, if you have been finding mango sellers in the streets of your area or a nearby fruit stall, then it is almost your last chance to prepare this mouth-watering kulfi of this season.

Kulfis are the best thing in summer. Well, who said kulfis are not to be enjoyed while it is raining?

Before you actually start with boiling and stirring the milk, there are 3 preliminary preparations you should be ready with for the flavour.

Firstly, soak few saffron strands, almond & cashew in warm milk. Allow the setting for at least half an hour and then crush them all together in a blender making a smooth paste.

saffron almond cashew flavours

Secondly, take a small quantity (say about one spoon) of corn flour and mix well in about half cup of milk. Make sure there are no lumps.

corn flour

And then, peel a ripe mango, de-seed and then blend the mango pulp into smooth puree.

easy mango recipes of India

mango puree

Keep these entire aside for the time being.

Now, take a wide thick bottomed pan and add full fat milk to it. Heat until it boils and then simmer the flame to continue for prolonged time. 

how to prepare kulfi

Keep stirring. You will see milk solids forming at the edges. Scrap the edges and add the thickened milk back.

boiling milk

Add sugar, cardamom powder, and the blended paste of saffron-almond-cashew. Mix well and keep stirring without any interval.

easy mango kulfi recipe

When milk attains half its original quantity, add the paste of corn flour & milk. Add little by little by stirring continuously making sure that no lumps are formed.

thick condensed milk

Continue heating over a low flame.

When the desired consistency if attained, switch off the flame and add mango puree. Mix well and allow cooling.

how to mango kulfi

When it cools down to room temperature pour it into small containers and freeze.

mango kulfi indian summer dessert

Leave for about 8 hours in the freezer to achieve hardness. Then, remove out and cut into small discs.

prepare mango kulfi at home

Serve chilled lip smacking Mango Kulfi.

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