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How to Dress-up like Indian King | Indian Maharaja Fancy Dress Ideas

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If you have come to this blog space, it simple means that you have been searching for fancy dress ideas for your little one.

Is there a fancy dress competition at the school very soon? Well, we wish you happy dressing your child, good luck and best wishes. 

This is a humble attempt of sharing few ideas of how to dress like an Indian King or Indian Maharaja as we call it. 

school fancy dress idea indian king

How to Dress like Indian King|Maharaja

Dhoti or Kaccha pant

Wearing dhoti marks the beginning of dressing like a royal Indian King. Buy a ready stitched dhoti which makes the job easy for both you and your child.

Or learn how to wear a dhoti from a piece of silk cloth. Watch the video here.

Kurta Shirt or Shawl

For the top, one can go shirtless with just a piece of golden zari shawl worn diagonally across the body. 

school fancy dress indian maharaja

If being shirtless is not a comfortable idea, then try a silk kurta which has good embroidery on it, or a typical golden sheen jeweled top that represents the royal king.

Crown or turban

Crown is a sign of the ruler of the land. A jewelled crown is a must to look like a powerful Maharaja of India. 

crown indian maharaja fancy dress

If gold and gem studded crown is not what you can arrange for quickly, you can also opt for turbans with shiny borders or gold zari work. 

turban king fancy dress idea

Add your own idea to make it look jeweled or leave it simple.


Sword is the sign of valour, security and protection. This is the only weapon king always carry along with him. Indian Royal King always flaunted their heavy sword. 

how to dress like king fancy dress

Tilak or Nama

Tilak is a red vermillion which worn on the forehead in the shape of long vertical drop. You may also think of other designs like horizontal lines along with red vermillion tilak, or half-moon shape with red circular dot.

A Big Moustache

Moustache is the pride of men. As for Maharaja, the bigger the mustache, the more pride they take in themselves.

dress like king for fancy dress

Draw a big black moustache curled up at the end. Use kajal pencil to draw.


Pearl jewellery or metallic gold jewellery forms an intricate part of the whole Indian Maharaja costume. Big Haara, necklaces, baaju bandh (armlet), waist belt, bangles, ear hangings, all these adds a good definition to the entire look.

indian king fancy dress costume

The Royal Attitude

The attitude of a king is something all his people adore and respect. Its shows dignified royal behaviour which your child needs to imitate. 

The holding of the sword, the walk, the look, the way the draped shawl is held, all these depict the image of a fine Maharaja.

school fany dress competition

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