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6 Best School Fancy Dress Ideas – Indian Maharaja | Royal King

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If you have been collecting ideas about how to dress your child as a royal king for the school fancy dress completion, then you have come to the right place.

Usually little boys are given the role of the king and dressed accordingly. There are no hard and fast rules that young girls cannot dress themselves as Indian Maharaja. 

school fancy dress indian maharaja

All fancy dress ideas can be embraced by every child irrespective of age and sex.

Before you take a look at the ideas of dressing up like an Indian King, there are few steps you should follow to prepare for the fancy dress, read previous article - link at the top.
Here are few images of different ideas of dressing up like a royal Indian king.

indian prince king costume

indian king fancydress costume

kids fancy dress ideas india

king fancy dress child

king fancy dress costume india

childrens king fancy dress

Do you have more ideas of Indian King fancy dressing up?

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