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Cute Indian Kids Dressed as Lord Krishna

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Festivals are lined up and it is high time for celebrations. The sweets, decorations, dressing up, wishes, happiness, that prevail all around fills the air with lots of excitement. Such is the greatness of every Indian religious festival.

Krishna Ashthami is the upcoming festival which is celebrated with great pomp across the country. 

The Dahi Handi event is the most popular on this day. And dressing up little kids as Krishna is another major part of the festival.

indian kids in krishna fancy dress2

Mothers take great interest in dressing their little babies or kids as Lord Krishna. The fancy dress is worth seeing. Many Krishna fancy dress competitions and Krishna photo contests are organised during the season.

The peacock feather, shining crown, appealing accessories, flute and dahi/makkan matka (an earthen pot filled in yogurt or butter) – the simple definition of Lord Krishna.

So, here we share a few photos of cute kids who are dress as Lord Krishna from head to toe. 

indian kids in krishna fancy dress3

indian kids in krishna fancy dress

indian kids in krishna fancy dress

indian kids dressed as krishna

indian kids as Lord Krishna

indian kids Lord Krishna dressup

We hope these photos give you the ideas for dressing your little one as Krishna.

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