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Little Krishna Online Photo Contest - Happiest Ladies

The festivity is still in the air. Naughty little Krishna just arrived the other day.  Don’t we have similar little lords in our very home! We leave no stone unturned to dress up our little one like Krishna or Radha.

Why not send the photos you clicked of your child in Krishna/Radha’s dress to us and take part in the photo contest.

Little Krishna Online Photo Contest - Happiest Ladies

Announcing here,

Little Krishna Radha Online Photo Contest @ Happiest Ladies

What you should do

Send 3 photos of your child (age- under 5 years) dressed as Krishna/Radha along with details (name, age, place, contact email id).

Mail your entries to happiestladies@gmail.com.

Spread the word by sharing this post link on Facebook and other social media networks.

The contest will be open for one month starting from today. Winner will be announced and contacted there after.

Must do:

Once your entry is published on Happiest Ladies, share the link of the post on your face book timeline. Get your friends and family members to like & share the link.


Like the page Happiest Ladies and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Yes, this is optional. We do not force you to like us if you do not wish to. We respect your opinions and views.


Photos will be water marked and hence forth will be property of Happiest Ladies. Make sure you do not send these 3 photos to any other website.

If no sufficient entries are received, this contest will be closed without any notice. The rights remain with us.

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